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Porcupine Tree, 11/04/22, Stuttgart, Porsche Arena

Porcupine Tree, 11/04/22, Stuttgart, Porsche Arena

Close or continue?

2021: Stephen Wilson He released his most controversial solo album ‘The Future Bites’ to date. Temporary high or low point of development that was more than obnoxious to die-hard Prog fans. they secretly hoped that mr Wilson From “To The Bone” and its offbeat song ‘permanent’ You learned and you’ll give up on pop music forever. Did the musician, who is celebrated as the savior of prog, really want to be a regular at the ZDF Morning Journal Become? Apparently, because the announcement of a detailed internal tour of “The Future Bites” did not bode well. But then everything turned out differently. After the album’s release was delayed, a tour was planned to follow. However, only once. Because when the epidemic didn’t want to end, he decided Stephen Wilson Not to reschedule again, but to cancel “The Future Bites” tour with no replacement. Although … not quite. At the beginning of 2022, suddenly, out of nowhere, porcupine tree from oblivion again. Although there is no guitarist Colin EdwinBut with a new album: “Closing/Continuing”. And just a few months later, the modern prog legend is now available live in color. Could all of this be true? Can you take all this seriously? From Paul to Saul and back again? I do not care! Porcupine Tree is back! With a new album! Better yet: finally live on tour again! You can’t miss it. How should you later justify or explain the missed, perhaps one-off, porcupine tree reunion to your children and grandchildren? Would you justify a potential boycott with two pop albums that were still too complex for the mainstream? Very bad excuse. It is better to risk disappointment and buy some very expensive tickets. For what sounds like a very large Bad Canstatter Porsche Square. After all, who would want to have such an anonymous frame? Porcupine Tree was not in for the final round in comfortable Stuttgart LKA happened? But this is the case with legends. They always gain popularity when they make themselves scarce… but whatever. The main thing!

So are we. Two supervisors in two completely different places in the hall, pulled together like striped arcs. And since Christmas, Easter and Christmas fell on the same day on this November evening, the stress had to be endured and somehow dealt with. And of course it is better from a distance using a mobile phone. Mainly because these things can only be used to write that evening.

So I have a great place.
But ban photos – Martin (19:01)

Of course, that also had its advantages. Because when the party started on schedule at 8:00 pm, you didn’t have one or more bright screens in front of your nose, as is often the case. There were no distractions from what really mattered: the music. Except, of course, for your own need to communicate.

I’m glad I can focus on the music. – Flea fish

the total! – Martin

However, this was limited to the essentials, because what the Three Porcupines performed on stage delighted the audience even before the band started playing. Excerpts from the band’s classics “Even Less” and “Stupid Dream” were played from the tape as an overture and so excited the audience that they exploded with excitement at the gentlemen. Stephen WilsonAnd Richard Barbieri And Gavin Harrison So are her two new companions Randy Maxteen And Nate Navarro He finally takes the stage and performs “Blackest Eye” live, which helped Porcupine Tree and the album “In Absentia” make a “breakthrough” at the turn of the millennium. Three tracks followed, all from the Closure/Continuation comeback album: “Harridan”, “Of The New Day” and “Rats Return”. The stylistic similarity of these pieces to post-millennium albums, which some fans denounced as a lack of ideas upon the album’s release, turned out to be a stroke of luck in today’s immediate context. Old and new are combined in a harmonious way without any major breaks. Accompanied by elaborate but no exaggeration theatrical lighting and display, a comprehensive overall picture was created that evoked feelings of happiness. However, it is not without limitations.

I’m happy but not to cry. Where are the heights Gavin? You can’t hear metal! – Flea fish

In fact, Gavin Harrison has been less of a presence in the public mix tonight than he’s used to from his performances with The Pineapple Thief in recent years. Especially the high and metallic sounds in his playing.

I think this is intentional. The keys and vocals are great. Bass could be heavier. – Flea fish

So that sounds good to me. a little too loud. But it fits. – Martin

The size is fine. – Flea fish

Gavin could be higher. – Martin

Yes it is the only criticism. I’m glad I’m here! – Flea fish

Whether the mix was chosen consciously or unconsciously is ultimately hard to answer. As for the general size of the evening, it would seem Stephen Wilson Or for his family to learn, because in Swabia there was no risk of hearing damage, as was the case at the Essen concert on the “Hand.Cannot.Erase” tour.

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How everything went well that evening can be seen from many aspects. Not only that almost all onlookers abided by the ban on photography, chatting between neighbors was the exception. The present moderators were also so fascinated by the music that they forgot to discuss the concert any further. “Even Less”, “Sink With Me”, “The Sound of Muzak”, and “Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Recycles”. WilsonAnd barber And Harrison One classic band lined up after another, so die-hard fans couldn’t help but indulge in the music unconditionally. A celebration of joy for every longtime fan, but especially for all the departed who have thus far been denied the opportunity to experience Porcupine Tree lives. While it’s unfortunate that Porcupine Tree decided not to include the band stage before “Stupid Dream,” it was just a minor gag for the majority of the audience that didn’t really detract from the experience.

Only a new piece can get editors back in the writing mood. However, this is by no means out of boredom or lack of interest. But on the contrary!

Now the tears are flowing slowly: “Wreck Chimeras.” – Flea fish

Really cool. – Martin)

Then there was a break…and time for the first little recap:

Porcupine Tree started something in the late 90’s and now they’re harvesting the crop for it. – Flea fish

Everyone must answer for themselves whether this thesis can be applied in general to progressive rock. And as far as this November in Stuttgart is concerned, that statement was 100 percent true. The Porcupine Tree continued the second part of the evening and opened the second part of the evening in great style with the title “Fear Of The Blank Planet”. And no matter what came next, whether it was new tracks like “Flock the Herd” or “Sleeping Together,” each track elicited equal enthusiasm, because the overall package delivered by Porcupine Tree was so perfectly orchestrated.

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Just “anesthetize” us Martin again to take out his phone.

Next comes “Anesthesia!” – Martin

Yes!!! – Flea fish

which then stumbled with encore.
Because the closed trio of “Collapse The Light Into Earth,” “Halo,” and “Trains” was probably the last chance for many to see this band live again.

Because the question of closing or continuing seems to have been answered in the meantime. There will likely be a continuation of Porcupine Trees in a few more outdoor shows in summer 2023, including in Bonn, Munich and Schwetzingen. After that, closing will probably be the order of the day.

Porcupine Tree Porsche Arena, Stuttgart, Germany 2022 set list closing/continuing

the pictures: Flea fish

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