April 2, 2023


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Pete Davidson Fake Ice Spice Dating Rumor Crashes The Internet

Pete Davidson, Ice Spice

Fake dating rumors spread fast

… Twitter goes berserk!

The internet practically went up in flames after a fake dating rumor surfaced as a joke — one proven Pete Davidson And Ice Spice as an item.

False rumors are the latest to catch people’s attention, and they’re becoming a growing trend – while similar posts like “Curious George Was Found Dead on the Freeway” are gaining traction while obviously a joke, this post didn’t get the same results.

Twitter clearly ran with it, although there was no “This is satire” warning — as many on the Internet panicked at the dating “news.”

I’ve never been a hater, but Ice Spice is dating Pete Davidson? pic.twitter.com/lHB7He6Z1n

– Steve. 👨🏾‍💻 (STEFisDOPE) February 28, 2023

The comedian has been compared to Marvel’s Thanos, dating beautiful women like the villain takes infinity stones… One person even made a funny reference to “Breaking Bad,” saying that Pete “can’t get away with it!”

Of course, we know it’s all BS — as we’ve reported, Pete currently entangled with Chase Sui Wonderland. The couple was recently Pack some PDAs At the Daytona 500.

Sorry naive internet guys, I got you! It’s not real…and the streets are just fine.

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