August 15, 2022


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[Pokemon GO]Added a cool bonus that allows you to get Rotom, Pansear and Unown![حدث الذكرى السنوية السادسة Ultra Unlock]|  AppBank

[Pokemon GO]Added a cool bonus that allows you to get Rotom, Pansear and Unown![حدث الذكرى السنوية السادسة Ultra Unlock]| AppBank

From 10:00 on July 6 to 20:00 on July 12,”Pokemon GOThe contents of Ultra Unlock that will take place during the “Sixth Anniversary” scheduled to be held in “” have been announced.

Limited Technology is back for the Three Families! Baop and Unown are also available!

The contents announced this time are as follows.

  • Pansear appears in ground battles and raids during the event. May appear in different colors (Pokemon originally appeared only in Europe and the Middle East)
  • The unfamiliar E-type appears in the raid battle
  • The “Wash Rotom” can be obtained by removing the event’s limited time challenge.
  • Evolve Generation 1 to 5 Misaki Pokemon between 0:00 on July 9 and 23:59 on Day 10 to learn limited techniques for Community Day (details will be described later).

▼ The rewards for the Battle Weekend event, which will take place from 0:00 on July 9th to 23:59 on July 10th, will be enhanced and added significantly!

  • Team Rocket balloons fly every two hours
  • You can play GO Battle League set up up to 20 times per day (100 battles)
  • Another raid pass you can get in one day
  • Increases experience points gained in raid battles by 50%
  • 5 times more Hoshinosuna you can get from GO Battle League rewards
  • You can change ‘Everyone’ from Shadow Pokemon with Machine Special.
  • Shadow Latios can be obtained by defeating Sakaki
  • You can get two mystery parts by defeating the bottom end of the GO Rocket team.
  • A 50% increase is available in Hochinsuna when defeating a GO Rocket Team Rocket
  • At rank 16 and above, you may be able to meet Legendary Pokemon with Go Battle League rewards.
  • ▼ List of Pokémon that can learn special skills from 0:00 on July 9th to 23:59 on 10th (All Pokémon such as Lizard → Charizard must be developed during the event period to get it).

    ・ a hard plant

    • venosor
    • Megan
    • sensitive
    • Tortira
    • Garuda

    · Burning Blast

    • Lizardon
    • Tflusion
    • Blazekin
    • Hell
    • empoire

    ・ Hydrocanon

    • Plastoise
    • Veraliligator
    • Swampert
    • Emplion
    • Samorot

    ・ Ryo no Ibuki

    Announcing a rather cool bonus that Pansear, a regional Pokemon, Unown, which was originally difficult to obtain, and a number of special technologies that are in high demand have been revived!

    ▼ On top of that, it’s too hot to aim for different colors of pansies!!!

    The event will start at 10:00 on the 6th of July. Let’s get ready for this event with lots of empty balls and boxes!

    ▼ Click here for event announcement tweets.