June 23, 2024


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“Paper Mario: Legend of the Eternals Gate”: Is the game worth it?

“Paper Mario: Legend of the Eternals Gate”: Is the game worth it?

after Super Mario RPG Brings “Paper Mario: Legend of the Eternals Gate” Another classic role-playing game about a Nintendo plumber Nintendo Switch! But is the remake worth it?


If you're mean, you can accuse Nintendo of lacking ideas. How many remakes or remakes?Paper Mario: Legend of the Eternals GateNow for Nintendo Switch? And of course, another question inevitably arises: has Nintendo successfully embraced the nostalgia club or aren't (minimal pandering) full-priced remasters a bit cheeky? Actually, I don't want to give any great moral sermons at the end of the Nintendo Switch generation, but I'm secretly happy once again that “Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate,” another classic and favorite of many Nintendo fans, is coming to Nintendo Switch. And I actually missed it at the time.

It's fitting that Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year since its original release on the Nintendo GameCube. There are quite a few fans for whom the game represents the highlight of the beloved “Paper Mario”. Why? Because the game series has somewhat moved away from its role-playing game roots after “Paper Mario” on the N64 and “Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate” on the Nintendo GameCube. Of course that doesn't mean that.”Paper Mario: King of Origami“It was a worse offshoot of the game series – quite the opposite! However, most fans associate the 'Paper Mario' formula with the classic GameCube game and are probably even happier that Intelligent Systems is bringing 'The Legend of the Aeon Gate' to Nintendo Switch in a new version Really successful.

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Between star gems, beautiful paper visuals, and old school RPG class

Beautiful appearance and wonderful ideas make “Paper Mario” game very charming! Image: Nintendo

“If you want to take out the ancient treasure, bring the Seven Star Jewels to the Eternal Gate.” Of course, the titular hero Mario doesn't have to be told that twice and begins searching for the Voids to support his beloved Peach in a mysterious treasure hunt. But in the notorious crime city, Mario encounters all kinds of characters, but his beloved target, Princess Peach, is kidnapped by the General Croesus and the Crusians, who want to control the entire world with his help. After getting the treasure behind the Aeon Gate and the Star Gems, he jumps into a new adventure with a lot of support and also tries to find his beloved princess.

Like Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate is another classic game that has been remade with great attention to detail. The game is largely identical to the original GameCube game, but with its timeless “paper” look, many small visual details and somewhat tweaked animation, it still looks really good today. In terms of gameplay, Mario's RPG journey in the time of “Baldur's Gate 3” may seem a bit dated and simple on the surface, but as is often the case, the classic game is much more than just a “paper-thin” individual game. .

The story begins with the charming story, which sends Mario back in search of Princess Peach, extends through the individual chapters, a beloved protagonist and playable characters, and ends with a combat system that seems simple at first glance, but it certainly is. It has some depth. Mario and his companion duel in turn-based tactical battles on a kind of origami stage, and are not only “cheered” by the audience, sometimes viciously pelted, but also choosing from several standard or special attacks in order to achieve the best… Results. Defeat their opponents.

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Your timing plays an essential role: whether when attacking or defending, pressing the button at the right moment ensures you can block an attack or wield the hammer so powerfully that your opponents will give you a headache. Different items provide important boosts in battles that are tactically diverse, but at the same time they are often similar. At the same time, you can also charge your star display with successful attacks, which you can use to perform special actions, for example, charge your life and display flowers or target multiple enemies at the same time. The mini-games with each attack are a core part of the game and therefore don't allow you to automatically eliminate your patterns.

Here you can watch the comprehensive trailer for “Paper Mario: The Legend of the Aeon Gate”: