May 17, 2022


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Find out how to watch Flamengo matches in Cariocao

The 2022 season will start. That’s because Cariocão, the tournament that opens the seasons in Rio de Janeiro, will start on Wednesday (26). face flamingo Portuguese At Luso Stadium, Brazil. However, many fans are still wondering how to watch the club’s matches in competition.

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a FlaTV + It is a Flamengo streaming service for watching Flamengo matches in the state. The cost of the service is R$129.90. However, it is not the only option to watch Cariocão matches.

This is because there is still an option to watch on other channels. On YouTube, for example, “Flow Sport Club” broadcasts some games. However, they will be the same games that Record TV is entitled to show. The same is happening with “TV Gaules” and “Ronaldo TV”, the Phenomenon channel streamed on Twitch.

Recently, another channel has appeared that will broadcast Kariokaw matches. This is the channel Casimiro Miguel, which has acquired the rights to the competition. However, the signature FlaTV + You are guaranteed access to all Flamengo matches in the competition.

As for access to all Cariocão games, the Cariocão Play stream is also on the air. However, the signature FlaTV +You can access the matches of other teams as well. That is, all Cariocão games, as well as Cariocão Play.

In search of an unprecedented tetra

The Flamengo made its debut in Cariocao with guys from the base. That’s because coach Paulo Sousa is still the main cast this season. Thus, Fabio Matthias will be in charge of the team in the first matches of the tournament.

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However, this season’s title may be unheard of. This is because Flamengo have not won four Cariocas in a row. The current three-time champion, by winning in 2019, 2020 and 2021, the team can make history. It is worth remembering that Flamengo have won in history three times in a row six times.

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