June 23, 2024


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Games are great, but please be careful

Games are great, but please be careful

Children and adults alike are fascinated by the world of gaming. Current studies show that six out of ten people in Switzerland gamble, half of them several times a week or daily – on their mobile phones, PCs or gaming consoles. No wonder, because games are fun, creative, imaginative and exciting.

But it also involves risks: you quickly lose control of the time and sometimes also of the money invested in the games. The potential for addiction, bullying in online games, neglect by friends, club activities and entertainment are also topics inevitably associated with gaming. That's why many parents ask themselves how they can best handle this as parents, or where and how they should set boundaries for their children.

Great interest in the subject

The event held a few days ago for fourth to sixth grade students and their parents in the Berglihalle in Müntlingen was about this topic.

The invitation was made by the anti-addiction group “Alles KLAR”, which has been active on behalf of the Operette, Ruthe and Eschberg communities for more than 20 years and always tries hard to hold interesting information events on current topics. This worked again this time and interest was correspondingly high. Hundreds of children and adults participated.

Two gaming enthusiasts spoke

The evening was hosted by Morena Michel and Julian Fischer from the “Let's talk: Gaming” association, founded in 2019 and awarded the “Prix Sozialinfo.ch” in 2020. The members – some of whom have training in the social sector – are themselves young people who consider gaming a hobby and passion. .

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