June 23, 2024


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More performance thanks to new BIOS and MSI Center M hardware

More performance thanks to new BIOS and MSI Center M hardware

(Excerpt from press release)

MSI, a leading manufacturer of gaming, content creation and business laptops, is pleased to announce that its Claw gaming PC has achieved a significant performance increase of up to 30% with the new BIOS update and MSI Center M. The new BIOS and MSI Center M enable Claw It runs the 100 most popular games on Steam smoothly and provides an excellent mobile gaming experience.

The latest versions of E1T41IMS.109 BIOS (109) and MSI Center M 1.0.2405.1401 (2405.1401) for Claw have been tested internally and shown to significantly improve gaming performance. For example, the popular open-world racing game Forza Horizon 5 saw a performance increase of up to 30%. Other popular games like Fortnite and Helldivers 2 have seen performance boosts of over 20% with the new BIOS and MSI Center M, allowing for a smoother gaming experience.

Users can now download the latest BIOS and MSI Center M via MSI Center M's live update function or on MSI's official website. Starting with BIOS 109, users can update their BIOS directly via MSI Center M's live update function without having to download it from the website. MSI Center M will effectively send BIOS update notifications to users, greatly improving user experience.

Claw's gaming performance has improved significantly after the BIOS and MSI Center M* update.

With MSI Center M and BIOS updates, MSI Claw delivers superior performance compared to the competition in the 100 most popular games on Steam. For example, Claw delivers up to 90% more FPS in the popular open-world survival game Valheim. There's also a performance advantage of over 50% in other popular games like Euro Truck Simulator 2, World of Warships, and Dying Light.

Claw delivers superior gaming performance with new BIOS and MSI Center M. Compare Claw A1M with Core Ultra 7 and ROG Ally with Z1 Extreme.*

To continuously improve user experience and improve Claw performance, MSI works closely with Intel. With each additional update to the BIOS, GPU drivers and integrated MSI Center M gaming software, users can look forward to a more stable and smooth gaming experience.

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To ensure that the new BIOS and GPU drivers achieve optimal effects and users enjoy the best possible gaming experience, MSI officially recommends using the following settings while gaming:

MSI Claw buyers will receive a Skull and Bones™ game code with exclusive content and a Steam coupon for product reviews. More information about the campaign and information about potential supply sources can be found at the following website: https://de.msi.com/Promotion/2024-claw-special-offer