September 22, 2023


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Pagani: Batteries don’t light up enough for electric cars

Pagani: Batteries don’t light up enough for electric cars

Photo: Pagani (icon image)

The Italian super sports car manufacturer, Pagani, is leading the way in electric mobility. However, for now, the company will not be offering Strommer. The reason for this is that the electric vehicle currently does not do justice to the company’s philosophy of relatively lightweight vehicles due to the heavy battery.

explained Christopher Pagani, son of company founder Horacio TopGear.comthat his team has been developing an electric supercar since 2018 and “there is no reason for us to stop.” The goal is to create something lightweight, as is already the case with combustion engines created to date.

“You have to have a special feeling while driving, which can sometimes be described as ‘fun.’ You can also call it fun. Weight is definitely our first question mark,” Pagani said. “With today’s technology, we probably can’t build a Pagani the way we’d like. with it.”

Pagani emphasized that the challenge of developing electric vehicles is very attractive to the company. “There are so many amazing things to innovate in an electric car – we’re not afraid to innovate.”

Pagani has been working with Mercedes-Benz’s AMG sports car company for engines for its combustion engines for a long time. When asked if a small series manufacturer could use Swabian electric vehicle architecture, Christopher Pagani remained vague. You are in constant contact with your partner and you check it out. As soon as the construction of Pagani’s first electric car becomes concrete, a decision will be made.

“My father and in general everyone who works at Pagani has this approach: If we feel empowered to do something, we will do it internally. If not, we won’t,” says the founder’s son.

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