May 25, 2024


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New Corsair One i500 gaming PC: “Space-saving power with next-generation components”

New Corsair One i500 gaming PC: “Space-saving power with next-generation components”

The range of devices of the American company Corsair is very wide. These also include full-fledged computers or gaming consoles, including those of a small size. Corsair currently offers the fourth generation of its twelve-liter One-i gaming PC. Meanwhile, the One i400 offers room for up to a Core i7-13700KF (Raptor Lake) and a Geforce RTX 3080 (Ampere). There's still room for improvement when it comes to timing, and Corsair teased the One i500 last week.

Corsair takes twelve-liter PCs to the next level

Corsair is still tight-lipped about the specifications and has only shown an outline of the One-i gaming PC with a logo and LED strips on the edges. If this image is consistent with the look of the new PCs, this will be the first design difference from the One i400. Potential buyers will likely be more interested in what hardware Corsair's One i500 will have under the hood. The manufacturer is still keeping a low profile here, but gives a hint that allows for speculation:

I have met (the one). Now know the future.

When we launched the first Corsair One, we set a new standard in the world of compact, powerful PCs. Now we're back with a brand new model that raises the bar even higher.

Meet the Corsair One i500 PC: a powerful, space-saving machine with next-generation components – so you can create, work and play without compromise.


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