September 27, 2023


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OnePlus atualizações smartphones Android segurança

OnePlus smartphones receive messages on Android updates

One of the biggest complaints of Android users is the lack of computer or security updates. Brands try to keep their smartphones with the latest versions, but that is not always possible or they will be forgotten.

With so many successful events, it is true that a lot has been done to change this situation. OnePlus has now come to make a new commitment, revealing that their best smartphones will have important messages in the update field.

OnePlus news for updates

The eternal struggle of users, Google and brands has focused on updates. This is a very different scenario from live competition as always, which manages to maintain the highest level of updates even on older smartphones.

Big changes are happening on Android, OnePlus Came to make a new commitment Ensure change in your OxygenOS release development and maintenance plan. This will lead to an improvement in the process and an extension of the update period, especially for the best smartphones.

  • Primary smartphones (including D / R): OnePlus 8 series and after 3 Android updates and 4 year security updates available.
  • North / North AD: The first OnePlus Nord and the latest Nord / Nord CE devices will receive 2 major Android updates and 3 year security updates.
  • Nord my series: Beginning on the N10 and N100, all N series devices will receive the Android update and 3-year security updates.

Also Android and much longer

This plan is ambitious and will guarantee the best smartphones of OnePlus 3 for Android system updates. In addition to this important innovation, the brand also hopes to guarantee 4-year security updates for these smartphones, which are essential.

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OnePlus updates security for Android smartphones

Ensure security on OnePlus smartphones

The rest of the smartphones also have some messages in this area. Therefore, OnePlus now guarantees Nord / Nord CEO 2 updates and 3 year security fixes. As for the Nord My series, this brand now promises 1 Android update and 3 year security updates.

This is great news for anyone with the latest OnePlus smartphone. The brand’s inference with these programs is important and ensures that the updates are more comprehensive, making smartphones safer and keeping more time with new features.