June 14, 2024


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Odyssey: Your location, your route has been notified to the PC

Odyssey: With the launch of Your Space, Your Way, 505 Games Steam Initial Access, invites gamers and space enthusiasts to embark on a space and team-building exploration adventure.

Odyssey, From that Strange fish, The recently established indie studio, created with AAA professionals (Dying Light, Dead Island, Painkiller, Call of Juarez), sends players: ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek comedy and a journey through cartoon sandboxes into a classic animated art style. Featuring single player and cooperative multiplayer mode the game will soon be released on Steam with early access.

With a small support ship, i.e. “OdysseyThe soldiers will search for resources in space to deliver a large Thai ship, the Arch, in which the last two million remaining human settlers on Earth are resting in an icy sleep, energized. With the fields of fog, asteroids and everything available on board the ship, some of the colonists awake from the iceberg will gather resources to carry out or build and expand ARK’s further voyage. That ship. In the process, new features that make life less demanding in space can be discovered – but significantly more crazy.

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