July 21, 2024


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The browser now plays Steam games through GeForce

The browser now plays Steam games through GeForce

The latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser supports GeForce Nav. Exclusive titles can also be played this way.

Xbox players belonging to the Alpha SkipAd group have been granted access to the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser. It is built in chromium and has many advantages.

Due to the improved compatibility, your browser may use it Xbox Series X.| S and Xbox One finally run web browser applications. Discord in this group, Google Stadia And GeForce Now. As we announced earlier, The Application of Google Stadia to Xbox Insiders Possibility. General improvements have also been made to various services, such as Skype or browser-based games.

In the latest version, you can access the cloud gaming service from your Xbox. I.e. Sony’s exclusive titles Death Stranding on PC (And a lot more soon) Can now be run on your Xbox console as well. Ray-discovered version Cyberpunk 2077 And can also start the shadow of the Tomb Rider via Geo Force Now. Harrison Zero Dawn And Detroit: Becoming human is not currently supported.

Some games have issues with controls. The Edge browser does not yet support a mouse and keyboard, which can lead to earthquake 2 RTX issues, for example.

Now GeForce Can be used for free for six months or for a fee of. 27.45. The difference for other providers, such as Google Stadia, is that you can stream the games you bought at Steam or Epic Game Store on smartphones and laptops. The Xbox combination of Edge Browser and GeForce Now lets you play your Steam games from your computer on the console.

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In this video you can see how youtube “jo chip” Request Play with GeForce Now in the new Edge browser on Xbox:

Independently of this, Microsoft’s own service “xCloud” is planned for home consoles. You can use active Game Boss UltimateSubscribe to stream all games on your mobile phone. The service will be available for iOS and PC in the spring of 2021.