April 23, 2024


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Cloud Desktop Provider Shadow Bankruptcy – ID Reseller

The French Blade team launched a cloud-based service called Shadow in 2019, which makes the high-performance virtual desktop computer available on the Internet (“Swiss ID Reseller” Announced). The provider was specifically aimed at cloud gaming. Now “Shadow of Kismoto” suggests that it has fallen victim to its success: in the year 2020 Corona, the stage sparked such interest that the operator made huge costs for the expansion, which he can no longer afford.

The shadow manifests itself in one Website Entitled “A New Beginning in Vision”, it is subject to debt consolidation. With the server provider 2XCRSi alone, these should be 3.7 million euros. Compared to “Kismoto”, said Florian Grod, Vice President of Consumer Affairs of the Shadow See Additional FundingCan better scale and shorten the waiting list. According to “9to5Google” the shadow is in the United States and France Filed for bankruptcy. However, that does not mean that the service will be discontinued – existing subscribers can continue to use the shadow, and new subscribers are on the waiting list. Only the shadow types Ultra and Infinite are currently “suspended” in Europe and the United States. (ubi)

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