June 14, 2024


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Apple pulls the plug on the iMac Pro – for now

Apple has stopped production of the iMac war. The announcement that the manufacturer will gradually phase out the iMac Pro came out loud “ICT-Channel” Relatively surprising. As of now, Apple only sells leftovers.

However, according to the “ICD Channel”, it is not possible to bury the Apple iMac Pro completely. As a kind of “all-in-one negative” for Mac Pro, it only serves a narrow limited target group in the high segment, but it is strongly represented in this segment and is profitable. Launched in 2017, Apple is likely to offer the iMac Pro family a basic product.

New iMac Pro

“ICD-Channel” reported that analyst Ming-Ci Guo was already working on the new generation of Apple iMac Pro a year ago. The biggest innovation was the Apple silicon processors based on ARM. It can be considered the most powerful version Than the M1 from the MacBook Pro The processor must be functional, the processor must advertise Intel Zion W and prove itself in the upper class with the users and applications it seeks.

According to the “ITC Channel”, Apple is required to work on compatible CPUs with 16 to 32 high-performance cores, supported by 4 economical power-performance cores for simple static tasks. “With this, Apple feels ready to take it to the next level with its ARM operating system and use it in the workplace after the MacBook Pro (13 inches), MacBook Air and Mac Mini,” the magazine writes.

According to Quos, the display of the new iMac Pro should be slightly larger than the current 21.5 inches and use the new mini-LED technology. Combined with the ARM operating system’s excellent performance and low heat output, this will allow Apple to have even smaller installation depths. Visually, the new iMac Pro models take on the angular industrial design of the Pro Display Extreme. First, the new iMac Pro is expected early between summer and fall. The new iMac Pro will appear earlier, as Apple is already phasing out the previous iMac Pro.

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In the smartphone market, not the computer, Apple overtook Samsung in the last quarter of 2020. Thanks to the iPhone 12 series with 5G capability, the team recorded double-digit growth in the fourth quarter of 2020. You will find more information here.