June 13, 2024


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More dangerous than ever: Trojans spread independently via WLAN

The dangerous development of the Trojan horse was discovered by the French cyber security company ANSSI. So far, the ransomware “Ryuk” is dangerous enough. Now the fraudsters behind it have improved the program. Thus, the Trojan can now be distributed independently over the network of WLAN users.

From the statement of authority EmergesThe Trojan uses pre-planned steps. First, the program scans the IP addresses of devices connected to the network. It then sends data packets to the devices, which are usually used to wake up devices from waiting via the network. So it finally comes to other devices and spreads again and again.

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How can users protect themselves from Trojans?

The Trojan encrypts data and blackmail users.

Photo: Oliver Berg / DPA

The Ruk Trojan often encrypts hard drives and especially important documents, and then demands “redemption money” from users from the publication. The project has been making its rounds since 2018. Cyber ​​security experts estimate that the fraudsters then extorted about $ 150 million. Especially big companies are targeted by Ryu creators.

There is currently no guaranteed solution for Ryuk’s independent distribution. In the event of an infection, experts recommend removing the devices from the network, thus preventing further damage. To ensure that you are always protected on the Internet, we recommend that you visit ours Large virus scanner test. This is how you can find a program that reliably protects you from attacks. Scan can be used to determine if malware already exists on your device.

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