June 13, 2024


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Closes tight security holes in Apple iPhone & iPod, Mac and Apple Watch

IPhone and iPod: iOS 14.4.1 and iPados 14.4.1

Getting another interim update before the release of iOS 14.5 is a little surprising. However, the security gap is so serious that the company has no choice.

Both iOS 14.4.1 and iPadOS 14.4.1 represent a serious security vulnerability in Safari’s browser engine WebKit, although Cupertino did not provide any specific information in the update descriptions. A related Support Apple is a little more dedicated to the closed security gap. Now the closed security gap allows attackers to execute malicious code on the device via the manipulated web document.

The update can be downloaded and installed in the usual way directly on the respective iPhone or iPod, the download should be approximately 138 MB in size and will take place quickly. The update is definitely available on every device already running with the live predecessor iOS 14.4. Of course, we always recommend making a current backup at this location.

watchOS 7.3.2 is available

In addition to the iPhone and iPad, the iPhone panel also offers updates for the Apple Watch. Here, the update mainly takes care of closing the specified security gap, new functions are not added. The update can be downloaded via the Apple Watch and the Watch app on the iPhone, but a minimum of 50% charge for installation and must be on the charging buck.

The Mac also gets an update

Last but not least, Apple offers an update to the current operating system, now upgrading to Big 11 version 3.2.3. Surprisingly, the manufacturer here closes the same security gap as the two mobile operating systems in WebKit.

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Since this is a serious security vulnerability the update should not be stopped, but should be installed immediately.