July 25, 2024


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Samsung S21 Ultra: Excellent camera, but no project from Schnerliscript

Samsung S21 Ultra: Excellent camera, but no project from Schnerliscript

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series will be available in Swiss stores from the end of January. The editors looked at the premium S21 Ultra 5G mobile phone and, above all, tested the new features of the smartphone.

S-Ben Schnerlis does not recognize the script

With the S21 Ultra, the manufacturer is bringing an old friend to the new device. The first smartphone in the S series is the cell phone, which can be operated with a pen. With S-Pen, users can take notes manually and convert them into text. When trying this out, writing with the S-Pen worked very smoothly and flawlessly.

Galaxy S21 Ultra including S-Pen. (Source: Netsmedian)

The delay was so minimal it felt like writing on paper. However, the device does not recognize Schnüerlischrift. You can draw with the S-Pen. In addition, the pen became a practical tool for cutting videos. The S-Pen allows you to act more precisely and quickly, when it takes multiple attempts with your finger to compress a video the way you want. However, the S-Pen is not included in the delivery scope. It is available from Samsung for CHF 44.90.

Simultaneous front and back image

The camera system of the S21 Ultra had new features that did not cost much. It has a 40-megapixel front camera and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle, 108-megapixel wide-angle and two 10-megapixel telephoto cameras. With the computer, the device records videos in 8K resolution. According to the manufacturer, all cameras can produce 4K videos at 60 frames per second.

One of the new film functions is “Director’s Vision”. This allows the device to record videos simultaneously with the front and rear cameras. According to Samsung, you can simultaneously record what your pet is doing and record your own reaction to it. During shooting, the user can decide whether the recordings made by the front or rear camera should be displayed in large format. Records coming from the other camera will then be displayed as a small field in the image. When trying this out, I was able to quickly and easily switch between the two views during filming.

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Very stable and good at night

For everyone who wants to shoot action packed scenes, the Galaxy S21 comes with Ultra Super Stable mode. Improved image stabilization ensures that recorded videos are pleasant and smooth to watch while jogging. What was in the new standard stabilizer store was particularly noticeable when compared to videos with and without Super Stable mode. You can also see this in the video below:

The S21 Ultra’s Night mode does a lot too – shooting and taking photos. Very low light required to produce sharp images and high quality videos. However, the more you play with the zoom, the more the pixelated images will change. Talks about zoom: Like its predecessor, the S20 Ultra, The new smartphone has 100x zoom. It worked much faster and smoother when trying this than the old device. Nevertheless, if you want to take good zoom pictures, it is better to use a tripod.

Taken with S21 Ultra. (Source: Netsmedian)

Photo or video? Both!

Those who want to take close-up photos will not be disappointed with the S21 Ultra. Every point in the macro shots taken with the cell phone is dust. A distance of about 5 cm was sufficient for a sharp image.

Taken with S21 Ultra. (Source: Netsmedian)

“Now you never have to decide if you want to take a photo or video,” says Samsung, which promotes the 8K Snap functionality. You can use this to select a moment from 8K video and turn it into a very high-resolution photo. All it takes is one click on the video snap icon.

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This is not just photos and videos taken with the S21 Ultra. The 6.8-inch AMOLED display is a feast for the eyes. The brightness should be 1500 nits and the display should be 100 percent color scale. So the device will display colors accurately at all brightness levels. In addition, the refresh rate of 120 Hz ensures very smooth, smooth scrolling.

Zoom Function of S21 Ultra (Source: Network Media)

No headphones and no charger

Built in device with 5000 mAh battery. According to Samsung, it provides “power all day”. When shaking hands, the performance was adequate for two days with normal use. You will need to charge the device with the old charger or buy one separately. Power supply unit and USB-C cable are not included in the distribution purpose. Headphones are not in the box either. But this device is about 100 francs cheaper than the S20 Ultra 5G launched last year. For comparison: the S20 Ultra with 512 gigabytes of storage cost 1549 francs when introduced. The S21 Ultra with the same configuration is available for 1429 francs.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra holds the manufacturer’s promise. This device is especially exciting for users who want to take video recordings and high resolution photos with smartphones. Thanks to the improved image stabilizer, it is very suitable for dynamic recordings. In addition, it provides good photos and videos in very low light and has a new functionality in the director’s view, which should be especially popular among social media enthusiasts. With the newly available S-Pen, the mobile phone is suitable for anyone who wants to take notes by hand on a smartphone, so it will be exciting for previous Galaxy Note users as well. However, the device struggles with the Schnerlich script or other artistic or highly rolled scripts. A charger and headphones are no longer included for distribution purposes. On the other hand, the S21 Ultra is also cheaper than its predecessors, including headphones and a charger.

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