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Much easier than Quest 2?

Rumors about Apple’s VR glasses don’t stop there. According to a new report, the device will become unusually bright and will not be as expensive as locals believe.

Apple’s VR glasses will hit the market in mid-2022, followed by AR glasses in 2025 and AR contact lenses between 2030 and 2040, McRumors writes. This website is based on the research of Apple researcher Ming-Ci Guo.

Guo is considered a relatively reliable source, but corrects his prediction over time. For example, Guo’s last report from early 2021 said so Apple wants to enter the XR market in 2021. It is quite possible that the group has changed its plans. A market release in 2022 is in line with our Apple leak predictions Joint article on Apple VR glasses In short.

Apple’s VR glasses: shape factor and weight improvement?

The device, which will be released next year, will be able to control VR and AR via video viewing. This detail is in line with previous reports.

Apple has developed several prototypes that weigh 200 to 300 grams. If Apple can solve some “technical problems”, the final product will weigh 100 to 200 g Come on, Guo writes. For comparison: the currently leading self-contained VR device, The Oculus Quest 2 (info), Weighs about 500 grams. The cover information comes from the website, which is a Prototype of Apple’s VR glasses from 2020 Demonstration.

The device will be small, but not as mobile as the iPhone, the Quos report said. With technology, the movement must improve in the future, and it continues.

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Guo writes accordingly Leaked since October 2020Apple relies on micro-OLED displays from Sony. This device will cost the size of a high-end iPhone and should hit the market for US $ 1,000 in the US. Earlier reports put it at $ 3,000.

Apple Glass is still coming a long way

For comparison: self-contained VR glasses Eye Quest 2 (Test) In the United States it costs 9,299. However, Guo believes the device’s hardware specifications are a “Significantly better in-depth experience Than existing VR products ”. Two 8K displays were reportedly installed in early February. The resolution is many times higher than current VR glasses.

Guo also comments on the applications. Integration should be one of the key selling points in Apple Video related applications such as Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

Guo recently mentioned Apple’s AR glasses, which, according to him, will appear “early in 2025”. He thinks the prototype of the device is not there yet. Previous reports have accepted the market introduction in 2023.

Apple Analyst talks more about the future of AR contact lenses planned after 2030. There are already start-ups Works on the same technologyHowever, it is not ready for the mass market.

They are: Macromakers, Cover: Info

Read more about the Apple XR:

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