June 14, 2024


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NVIDIA introduces RTX AI technology to power digital humans and AI assistants on laptops.

NVIDIA introduces RTX AI technology to power digital humans and AI assistants on laptops.

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, recently heralded the dawn of a new era in computing technology It heralded the introduction of the revolutionary NVIDIA RTX technology. The technology is intended to power the next generation of AI assistants and digital humans that will run on the latest GeForce RTX AI laptops.

Huang highlighted NVIDIA's long-term research on “digital humans” and emphasized the potential of these entities to interact with real people. However, he acknowledged the huge challenge of bringing a sense of realism to these digital creatures. To truly connect with people, digital counterparts must convey warmth and empathy.

In a video, NVIDIA showed how these digital humans could transform industries like customer service, advertising, and gaming. They can act as AI-driven interior designers, providing design suggestions, or as healthcare providers making timely personalized care recommendations.

According to Huang, personal computers should represent a basic platform for artificial intelligence, for which the basis of digital humans lies in artificial intelligence models. These models rely on features such as multi-language recognition and synthesis as well as advanced language models that can understand and generate dialogues. In this way, digital subjects can show lifelike appearances and realistically simulate the play of light on the skin. NVIDIA has developed a suite of digital human technologies called NVIDIA ACE that runs both in the cloud and on PCs.

Huang claimed that computers will become increasingly important AI platforms in the future, offering a variety of auxiliary backends and enabling AI-enabled applications such as photo editing and digital human engagement. Artificial intelligence in computers manifests itself in many ways, shaping the future importance of computers as platforms for artificial intelligence.

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NVIDIA introduced this technology in collaboration with Studio Wildcard in the game ARK: Survival Ascending. Your G-Assist project can answer questions about biodiversity, items, legends, objectives, and various in-game challenges, providing personalized answers based on the context of the individual player's experience.

Additionally, NVIDIA unveiled the first NVIDIA NIM inference microservice for the NVIDIA ACE Digital Human platform, designed specifically for PCs. Additionally, partnerships with brands like ASUS and MSI have introduced new RT4X AI PCs with up to GeForce RTX 4070 GPUs and power-efficient systems with Windows 11 AI PC capabilities. Windows 11 AI PCs are scheduled to get free updates at the time of the Copilot+ PC experience rollout.

Microsoft and NVIDIA are working together to help developers integrate generative AI capabilities into native Windows and web-based applications. You get easy-to-use APIs, access small GPU-accelerated language models, and enable loopback generation functionality powered by the Windows Copilot runtime.

Main questions and answers:

1. What is NVIDIA RTX AI technology?
NVIDIA RTX AI technology includes real-time ray tracing and artificial intelligence to create digital humans and AI assistants. It delivers lifelike graphics and advanced AI capabilities in computer-generated characters and environments that leverage machine learning and neural graphics for increased realism.

2. How does NVIDIA RTX AI improve digital humans?
The technology integrates AI models capable of recognizing and synthesizing multiple languages ​​as well as advanced dialogue generation to deliver realistic interactions for digital people. It allows them to replicate the human-like expressions and visual accuracy that are essential for authenticity in virtual interactions.

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3. What are the challenges associated with RTX AI technology?
The main challenge is to create digital people that are visually indistinguishable from real people and in terms of emotional intelligence. This includes authentically conveying the complex aspects of human interaction, such as empathy and warmth of heart.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of NVIDIA RTX AI technology?
Benefits include the creation of more personal and engaging AI assistants, improved user interactions in games and virtual environments, and potential improvements in areas such as healthcare and customer service through personalized and interactive experiences. Disadvantages may include the high cost of implementing such advanced technology, potential job losses due to AI automation, and the technical challenges of creating convincingly realistic digital humans.

– Advanced interactions based on artificial intelligence to improve realism.
– New possibilities for computers as platforms for integrating AI into multiple applications.
– Supporting the transformation of industries through AI-based solutions (such as healthcare and customer service).
– Potential new forms of entertainment and engagement in areas such as gaming.

– Potentially high financial barriers to access and implementation.
– Ethical concerns about the use of artificial beings and the possibility of deepfakes.
– Potential job displacement due to advances in digital humans and AI assistants.
– Technical challenges in creating vibrant and emotionally intelligent digital entities.

Main challenges and controversies:
One of the controversial topics surrounding RTX AI is the ethical considerations of creating digital objects that can replace human jobs. There are also concerns about this technology being misused to create deepfake images. In addition, ensuring the protection of personal data when interacting with these AI systems is difficult.

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