June 13, 2024


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SAP Marketing Manager on Artificial Intelligence: How We Use It and Here We Use Caution

SAP Marketing Manager on Artificial Intelligence: How We Use It and Here We Use Caution

Julia White, Head of Marketing and Solutions

SAP works extensively with generative AI and uses it, among other things, to design digital billboards and various internal processes.

CMO Julia White shares what they’ve learned so far and where they’re most careful about using technology.

And she predicts that within four to six months, generative AI will be an integral part of SAP’s marketing strategy.

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Tech giant SAP has dabbled in generative AI and is currently running about eight tests to see how the new technology can help its commercialization. The company is currently testing how the technology can be used to improve its advertising, make marketing more personalized and better direct customer questions to the appropriate departments.

SAP has completed and learned from other AI pilots, including a campaign in May where digital billboards in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles displayed a daily changing image, based on the biggest headlines in culture and business. The image was created by a generative AI and subsequently processed by a human artist.

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“It ended up being an interesting experiment,” Julia White, SAP’s chief marketing and solutions officer, told Business Insider. The results were promising, with three times more impressions than traditional billboard ads.

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