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New Technology Reveals Tumor Weaknesses – The Practice of Healing

New Technology Reveals Tumor Weaknesses – The Practice of Healing

New method detects proteins involved in cancer

A German-Danish research team presents a groundbreaking new technology called “deep visual proteins“Before that he has potential To revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

working group of Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in the magazine”nature biotechnologyHe introduced a new method that makes it possible to identify proteins involved in cancer. This protein-based information could have a far-reaching impact on treatment and prognosis, and could reveal weaknesses in a tumor.

What role do proteins play in cancer?

In order to understand cancer and achieve a permanent cure, it is necessary to understand in detail how cancer develops and which cellular processes lead to cell deterioration or tumor becoming malignant.

To answer these questions, stakeholders should also Proteins Their tasks are taken into account. According to the research team, proteins “The most important pieces of the puzzle for a variety of diseases”.

Proteins are the ‘working horses of cells’

Scientists refer to proteins as “Molecular working cells of the cell”. The correct function of a cell is ensured only if the proteins function properly.

“If something in our cells isn’t working properly and we’re sick, you can be sure that the proteins are involved in many different ways.”confirms the director of research Professor Matthew Mann.

A look at a protein reveals important information

As the professor explains, by mapping the nature of the protein, one can understand why a tumor is able to develop in a particular person. At the same time, proteins are possible double tumor openly and give pointers to The most effective treatment method.

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What are deep visual proteins?

The research team has developed a new technique that can be used to analyze proteins in abnormal groups of cells. These proteins interact with surrounding healthy cells Unprecedented insights into disease course.

The resulting technology, called Deep Visual Proteomics, brings together four different branches of technology in a state-of-the-art fashion:

  • high-resolution microscopy
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms,
  • Identification of proteins using mass spectrometry,
  • Bioinformatic analyzes by which ‘protein maps’ are generated.

Based on proteins, the best treatment can be obtained

Our new ‘deep optical proteomics’ concept could become a paradigm shift for molecular pathology in the clinic.Professor confirms Andrew’s mouth from the research team. According to him, the new method can be used to identify thousands of proteins in a tissue sample within a very short time.

Proteins can be used to reveal mechanisms drive tumor progression. “This way, new therapeutic targets can be derived directly from a single tissue section in a patient’s biopsy.”Lifts Professor’s mouth Outside.

Technology tested successfully

As part of the study, the team has already successfully tested the new technology on tissue samples from people with salivary gland and skin cancer. “This technique can also be used to describe other types of tumors in a similar way.”The lead author of the study adds Dr. Fabian Kosia added.

Data collected through this method can also be used New targets for cancer to exist. This can make a significant contribution to the individualized cancer treatment that is optimally designed for affected people.

In addition, this technique can also reveal new ways to treat treatment-resistant tumors.

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It can also be used to look for other diseases

Although the researchers developed a method for analyzing cancer, they emphasized that the technique could also be applied to other diseases.

“For example, you can analyze a neuron’s proteins to see what exactly happens in the cell during the course of neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.”to explain Dr. Kosia.

“By combining microscopy, artificial intelligence, and highly sensitive mass spectrometry-based proteomics, we have developed a very powerful way to understand the molecular circuits of healthy and diseased cells.”summarizes the search manager Master man. (FP)

Author and source information

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Graduate Editor (FH) Volker Plasek


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