June 23, 2024


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New possibilities with artificial intelligence – Samsung Austria Newsroom

New possibilities with artificial intelligence – Samsung Austria Newsroom

We are at the beginning of one of the most exciting and perhaps most historic chapters in the history of technology. The era of mobile AI has arrived – for Samsung, it began with the introduction of Galaxy AI features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, its first AI smartphone.

Revolutionizing mobile experiences – with a hybrid AI approach

To bring the benefits of generative AI technology to the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, we took a hybrid approach to AI integration: We believe mobile devices are the primary access point to unleash the potential of AI. Because users around the world depend on their smartphones as a tool to meet their daily needs. Artificial intelligence provides them with many new possibilities.

Our mobile devices play an essential role in everyday life. They are very personal things that we carry and use with us in important moments. That's why we believe smartphones should do more – so users can use them more easily and intuitively in the moments that matter. We also know how important it is to protect privacy. That's why we want to give our users the power to control what they share with others and what they want to keep for themselves.

We believe that our hybrid approach is the most feasible and reliable solution to meet these needs. We offer users a balance between instant responsiveness and on-device AI security with privacy in mind.

More possibilities with on-device AI

Calls are one of the basic functions of a smartphone. But it is also often an intimate and private means of communication. Therefore, we built the live translation function based on the device's internal AI. Samsung is committed to giving its users the opportunity to communicate without language barriers while ensuring that all communications are protected.

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To make this feature a reality, our Research and Development (R&D) team has worked extensively. From right-sized AI language models to training and testing in real-world scenarios, our MX R&D teams challenged themselves and pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible to bring this capability fully on-device to enable it.

Samsung's global R&D network has also played a crucial role. It is responsible for cultivating the best talent and developing core technologies in each region. Together, the teams are dedicated to developing and expanding the languages ​​powered by Galaxy AI. Languages ​​are shaped culturally and temporally as well as locally. To help people overcome language barriers and communicate naturally, the role of our local R&D offices is even more important. Their work opens more opportunities for users in different regions than ever before.

All these efforts allowed Samsung to offer something new. I'm happy to announce that Samsung will soon expand the power of Galaxy AI beyond Samsung's own phone app: Live Translation will be expanded to other third-party messaging apps to support voice calls. This allows users to stay in touch with friends and colleagues and communicate in multiple languages ​​using their favorite apps.

Since this feature is built into the on-device AI language translation model, users can communicate without worrying about privacy. No personal information is shared outside the phone when using live translation.

I expect more and more mobile AI functions to be integrated into mobile devices in the future. The intelligent computing power of the latest chips – especially neural processing units – is growing rapidly along with other technologies. This will enable more people to use AI, making daily life more convenient while providing a high level of security.

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Galaxy AI features are being prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow

This exciting news is part of our expansion into mobile AI. We are entering the next phase of this new era. The introduction of Galaxy AI on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series was just the beginning. In order to provide a completely new and unique AI experience, we will continue to improve features for upcoming foldable devices. Our foldable devices offer Samsung's most versatile form factor. Combined, these two technologies will create entirely new possibilities.

Samsung is also looking to expand its AI capabilities across the entire Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. As the mobile AI era continues to evolve at a rapid pace, Samsung is accelerating mobile AI innovations. With the aim of meeting not only today's needs, but also tomorrow's needs.