March 3, 2024


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New Elections – Harmonious changes in the gaming music club

New Elections – Harmonious changes in the gaming music club

A very special annual general meeting of the Games Music Association has been scheduled for the end of January, because in addition to the elections for the new Board of Directors, there has also been an official change of Chairman of the Board and Band Director, confirming Christian Bonzingruber and Andreas Kaltes in their new duties.

“Andreas Fahlmann has done a fantastic job as Chairman of the Board for 15 years, so of course I inherited a big job to fill. The good work done by my predecessor makes it easier for me to take over because Simply a great club.”

He can already look back on a lot of experience: “None of this is completely new to me. I was previously vice chairman and staff leader at the board for over 10 years. So I know the processes really well.”

With Christian Bonzingruber at the helm of the club, the musicians begin the new period of motivation and drive, which in 2025 will be celebrated by the club's 70th anniversary and the associated local music festival from 20 June to 20 June. November 22, 2025.

“The region's music festival is a huge event and something completely new for us on this scale. This will accompany us as a club for a year and a half,” says Christian Bonzingruber, looking at the challenging organization of the event.

A new board of directors was elected with minor changes

The new Chairman is actively supported by an enthusiastic Board of Directors team. “Since I am now a new president and the band director has been replaced after 15 years, it was very important for me that we have continuity on the board, because the work has been very good so far,” says Christian Bonzingruber, praising his team. Fellow musicians and colleagues. The new elections resulted in only minor changes in the founding board team.

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“It is important for me now to build on good work. The beautiful thing is the solidarity and commitment that permeates all trainings, events or other actions across generations. I would like to see this teamwork maintained. “I would like to see this teamwork maintained,” says Christian Bonzingruber, explaining his plans during his term. “I also attach great importance to the fact that we have good youth work at the club.”

The new president also looks forward to the upcoming events, which are now traditional for the Gaminger Musikverein, with great anticipation and motivation: “Our Solstice celebration in June and our Musiball in November are very important to us. Compared to the 2025 event, these are relatively small things that we can already control Well done, but we're looking forward to these events even more.