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“Build a Castle: The Innovative Gaming and History Challenge Now on YouTube…

“Build a Castle: The Innovative Gaming and History Challenge Now on YouTube…

SWR – Sudwesterundfunk

Mainz (out)

Eight-part challenge format combining gaming and regional history / Starts on February 12, 2024 at 6pm on the SWR Wissen YouTube channel and from February 19, 2024 on ARD Twitch

Klem, one of the best Minecraft makers in Germany, meets different opponents in “Bau die Burg”. Your task is to recreate an almost medieval castle from the southwest. Challenge: You only have twelve hours. The jury then decides which replica best meets the stringent requirements. The first season of “Build the Castle” consists of eight 20-minute episodes and will be available starting February 12, 2024. SWR Wesen YouTube channel To see. Each episode will be accompanied by a two-hour Twitch session, which will premiere on February 19, 2024. ARD account on Twitch.

Medieval hunchback cube meets pixel block

Challenger Clem is a builder both celebrated and feared by the Minecraft community for its virtual buildings. In each episode he meets new opponents and they both face the challenge: who can recreate a medieval castle in as much detail as possible in the virtual world in twelve hours? It is supported by Andrej Pfeiffer-Perkuhn, the content creator of “Geschichtsfenster”, who lets you experience the Middle Ages up close on the YouTube channel of the same name. In each episode, he leads the two antagonists through the week's castle, gives general insights into the history of construction, and points out the castle's special features and challenges. He is supported by Sophia Katz, who runs the episodes as an evangelist. In the end, the jury evaluates the quality of the resulting structures – and whoever loses must destroy the castle with the push of a virtual button.

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To start at Bürresheim Castle

in the first episode Master builder Clym meets his rival at Bürresheim Castle: Twitch streamer LaTwyla. The expert “History Window” shows them all that is important during the tour, explains the difference between a palace and a castle, and points out their special location between two rivers. The Herald of Sofia presents another challenge: in the virtual castle, the fountain in the inner courtyard must get water again. Then the construction phase begins, which takes twelve hours. A three-person jury examines the results: In addition to the History Window, level designer Miles Toast and Minecraft expert Crocodile Andy judge virtual replicas.

“Building a castle” – slightly different historical documents

“Build the Castle” is intended for people between the ages of 20 and 40 who are interested in history and have a penchant for computer games such as Age of Empires, the Anno series or Minecraft. Unlike traditional historical documentaries, “Build the Castle” does not portray the Middle Ages as a bygone era, but rather builds a bridge to the present through the game Minecraft. Challenging character provides additional excitement: master builder Clym and his colleagues compete against each other to bring historical facts to a contemporary medium.

Exchange with the community

In addition to 20-minute episodes Youtube “Building a Castle” consists of two hours TwitchSessions. They are shown weekly, alternating with the YouTube episode. The Twitch container is an afterparty and debrief: Herald Sofia and medieval expert “History Window” meet for a virtual chat with the community. Together they go through the winner's virtual castle from last week again. The community also participates directly in the episode via interactive elements.

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In “Building a Castle” the following sequence is recreated: Borisheim Castle in the Eifel, Marksburg on the Middle Rhine, the ruins of Hohenteuil Castle near Singen, Hornberg Castle above the Neckar Valley, Reinstein Castle in the Middle Rhine Valley, and Reichsburg Cochem. Meersburg on Lake Constance and Hohenzollern Castle in the Zollernalp region.

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