March 3, 2024


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Xbox: The future direction of Microsoft's gaming division will be announced on Thursday – ntower

Xbox: The future direction of Microsoft's gaming division will be announced on Thursday – ntower

There was a lot of buzz in the Xbox rumor mill last week. Several reports stated that… Xbox exclusive games like Starfield, Indiana Jones, and Hi-fi Rush for competing platforms It could appear from Sony and Nintendo. In an immediate response to the rumours, the head of Xbox announced Phil Spencer To take a detailed position in a separate format and explain the team's vision for the future direction of the Xbox division.

Microsoft has now announced February 15 One A special edition of the official Xbox podcast In which Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Botti will respond to the circulating reports. This should be the opinion Thursday at 9:00 pm German time It is being broadcast. In the last few days it has already become clear that some of the speculation surrounding previous Xbox exclusive titles may be overblown. the From the inside I hate hate For example, after further research, he backtracked and said that Starfield would not be released for PlayStation 5.

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According to another Inverse report, Spencer is said to have assured employees in an internal meeting that Microsoft Xbox consoles are in the future too will produce. Therefore, internal hardware must remain an important cornerstone of the strategy, which must include multiple devices and platforms. Microsoft, for example, has been working for some time to also be active on mobile platforms through its Xbox division.

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source: X (@Xbox), VGC