July 20, 2024


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New collaboration to achieve smart homes

New collaboration to achieve smart homes

The modular IoT KNX Gateway Application Module integrates and connects systems from Ekey, Tedee and Bab Technologie for the first time.

Bab Technologie, Tedee and Ekey are teaming up to take accessibility in smart homes to a new level. The modular gateway from Bab Technologie connects systems to each other and to the KNX smart home standard. This should not only make access to buildings safer, but also increase comfort and energy efficiency.

KNX is the leading European standard for building automation and is present in more than 40 countries. With the IoT KNX Gateway and its associated smart home applications, Ekey, Tedee and Bab Technologie now offer a simple and convenience-enhancing solution for building access.

The Tedee Smart Lock turns any door into a modern access system. The lock can be easily adapted to existing door cylinders, thus offering simple installation without additional modifications. Thanks to the integrated battery, no wiring is required on the door. The Ekey Bionyx system together with the Ekey x-Line and s-Line Fingerprint product lines represent the next generation of biometric access control. The two systems can now be linked together using the Bab Technologie app module. This gives users the opportunity to lock and unlock the door using their fingerprint.

Users can start entire scenes in the building with the touch of a finger or by operating the Tedee door lock. For example, when leaving the house, the lights can be turned off and the heating temperature lowered to save energy. By opening the lock, it is also possible to start charging the electric car and open the curtains. Thanks to the application module with the integrated KNX interface, all KNX components as well as other IoT products connected via the application module can be part of this scene.

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