July 20, 2024


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Technology with energy and heat saving LED lights

Technology with energy and heat saving LED lights

FE3 Series with Direct View LED Lights from Sharp NEC It uses the latest flip-chip SMD technology to achieve high-quality image performance. The devices also reduce electrical load and heat.

On the podcast Cuba TS By Tommy Schmidt Christoph Kramer recently spoke at Euro 2024 about how much heat the LED walls in some studios can emit. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, because the NEC FE3 series, for example, uses the latest foldable chip SMD technology. This means it emits so little heat that guests in the TV studios certainly won’t have to sweat.

The FE3 series of direct view LED lights utilize the latest foldable SMD technology to deliver outstanding, high-quality imaging performance. At the same time, it impresses with its remarkably high energy efficiency, saving operating costs over the entire life of the product.

Sharp NEC's latest FE3 series promises low power consumption and lower heat load. Photo: Sharp/NEC

Thanks to Flip Chip SMD technology, the FE3 Series devices require significantly less power and their thermal load is also reduced. Users benefit from wide viewing angles, consistent, vibrant colors, high black levels, best-in-class brightness and long-lasting performance in conference rooms and digital signage applications.

The highly efficient faceplate SMD technology requires up to 60% less power than standard SMD technology for the same brightness. With an excellent contrast ratio of up to 8000:1 and a deep black level, content comes into its own and is optimally presented to the viewer. In addition, thanks to low electromagnetic radiation, the modules are certified according to EMC Class B.

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The flat back panel of the LED modules can be mounted close to the wall; due to the extremely low heat radiation, almost no distance needs to be maintained. It also impresses with a mechanical structure with a fixed design for quick and easy wall mounting or freestanding installation. The modules can be precisely aligned, creating the impression of a large, smooth surface. (Stadionwelt, July 9, 2024)