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Technology Drives Innovation in Netball Broadcasting

Technology Drives Innovation in Netball Broadcasting

The workflow, which has been developed and optimised for different sports, involves the use of two Panasonic HPX3100 ENG cameras in commentary positions and a third camera in the corner of the pitch. This additional camera is used during exciting moments to create the feeling of being in the middle of the action and to broadcast live interviews and pre and post reports. All feeds, including audio and pitchside commentary, are sent to the Haivision Encoder, encoded and then routed to High Wycombe via a high-speed internet connection. There they are decoded and used for production.

Netball is a team sport similar to basketball, played primarily by girls and women. Netball is played primarily in English-speaking countries.

Vizrt’s Tricaster allows the director to edit the programme, easily adding HTML5 graphics (Viz Flowics) and editorial content (SimplyLive) such as replays, and mixing all audio cues. The return channel routes the signal back to the venue, while encrypted SRT feeds are delivered to BBC iPlayer and Netball Pass. An additional feed is also sent to England Netball to quickly create social media clips.

Vizrt's Tricaster allows the director to edit the program.

Implementing a remote workflow presented several challenges for the team. In order to accurately track the game clock in the production center and display it simultaneously, an additional camera was used to target the game clock from the sidelines. Despite the high speed of the game, which leaves little time for specific repetitions, the Tricaster provides the ability to play the repetitions in their own box on the screen, so that the actions can be analyzed without interrupting the flow of the game. This innovative use of technology allows presenters to present the games live, making the coverage more seamless and exciting.

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Games can be served live.

EMG emphasises its ability to produce games with just 60 minutes between games, making it possible to manage multiple productions from different locations and meet tight timelines. Angela Gibbons, EMG’s UK sales director, hails the benefits of this remote production: “The technology we have implemented with our partner In Touch Productions allows us to broadcast games with minimal crew and equipment, while maintaining the highest quality standards.”

The workflow involves the use of two Panasonic HPX3100 ENG cameras.

Mark Foster, Chief Operating Officer at England Netball, emphasises the creativity, adaptability and professionalism of EMG and In Touch Productions: “The live broadcast has exceeded our expectations. The quality of coverage, including the introduction of live statistics and other innovations, has taken the sport to a new level.

The workflow is very poor.

EMG sums up: “This technology partnership demonstrates how innovative remote workflows can revolutionize sports reporting by enabling high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective productions that put the viewer at the center.”