December 6, 2021


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How Innovative Heating Storage System Saves Unnecessary Business | solar | Technique

Top Austrian company LINK3 celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. But not only is Robert Labmeier’s company ten years old this year, its patented LINK3 technology is also celebrating its birthday. Her hometown is an old factory, where the granary was unceremoniously opened and tampered with. Three years later – in 2011 – the new storage technology was so mature that a patent was applied for.

With the Link3 smart storage system, you can save on unnecessary work of the heating system and also use less energy – by using a simple heat pump model, you can save 30%. If a heat pump is used with solar thermal energy, for example, this value can be further improved. In addition, the service life of the system increases, which can also reduce maintenance and repair costs. Customers should also be able to take advantage of benefits such as protection against calcification and blackouts.

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