May 19, 2022


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Netflix is ​​serious about games and buys developer studio Next Games

In addition to countless movies and series, Netflix now also offers games for smartphones and tablets. Now it looks like the streaming giant wants to take the next step towards becoming a gaming giant and take over the development of Next Games.

This was recently announced by Netflix in one Blog entry Famous. The Finnish company Next Games specializes in mobile games and is responsible for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land as Stranger Things: Puzzle TalesThe video game based on the Song series Weird things, Responsible. In order to expand the catalog of good mobile games “without in-app purchases and ads”, Netflix will pay about 65 million euros for the acquisition. The transaction is expected to be executed in the second quarter of 2022.

MORE GAMES: Interactive Quizzes premieres April 1st on Netflix

With the Trivia Quest, Netflix is ​​igniting the next level of interactive content. | Photo: Netflix

After Netflix with shows like Bandersnatch or You are against the wild Already putting sensors in the direction of interactive formats, the streaming service is now taking the whole concept to the next level. Interactive quiz show starts April 1st Trivia Quest on the platform. Instead of just choosing how the story will go, here you have to answer questions from different subject areas in order to advance the plot. The show will be available on all devices that support interactive content.

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