March 2, 2024


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‘Need for Speed ​​Unbound’ Content Update ‘VOL 2’ Introducing Many New Items Announced, Delivery March 21st «doope!

‘Need for Speed ​​Unbound’ Content Update ‘VOL 2’ Introducing Many New Items Announced, Delivery March 21st «doope!

Criterion’s latest work on the popular series “Need for Speed ​​Unbound”, which launched for PC and consoles in December last year, EA has recently opened official websites both in Japan and abroad.renewalAnnouncing the first content update “VOL 2” which introduces many new items. It was revealed that it is scheduled to be delivered on March 21, 2023.

Along with advertising, car chases with police, new machines “LOTUS EMIRA BALMAIN EDITION 2021” and “NISSAN FAIRLADY ZG 1971 Epic Custom”, new rewards, 260 types of collectible items and 160 types of activity locations. It was released to highlight the latest features of the update, including unlockable keys to the Map DLC.

The lake online heats

Insult the cops in a thrilling high speed chase to get ahead of the curve and earn cash, while your friends will help you eliminate the cops and save heat for rewards.

New machines and new customizations

Ultimate luxury: the fastest leather armchair in the world is here! Improve your driving skills with hot lap races located all over the city, and take to the lakeside in ultimate luxury. To make money, you need to look good.

LOTUS EMIRA BALMAIN EDITION 2021: Eleanor represents the last petrol-engined Lotus. Is there a suitable machine like the last one? Complete 3 Playlists in your Lotus to get this 400hp two-seater that combines function with style. It is the culmination of British engineering at its finest.

NISSAN FAIRLADY ZG 1971 EPIC CUSTOM: If you’re an EA Play member, you can get this customizable two-seater Nissan Fairlady ZG 1971 exclusive to Volume 2 members. Drift gracefully through city streets with the front- and rear-wheel-drive V6 engine.

new way

  • New challenge
  • 40 new daily challenges
  • 15 new challenges
  • new events, etc.
  • 30 hot lap activities
  • 4 new endurance events
  • 2 new Rumble playlists
  • Two new racing playlists
  • Update the current playlist

New bonus

Show your style with new driving effects, stickers, poses and more.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CAR WITH NEW DRIVING EFFECTS: Nurture the fighting spirit of your boxer bear and beat 30 rival points in a hot lap to unlock the new driving effect for Bear Champ. Perfect your driving style by earning 60 stars and show off your achievements with “Hey May” driving effects.

Show your strength with new modes: earn 90 stars in Hotlaps, get stealth mode, beat 20 rival Hotlap points, and perform Need Coffee mode.

New Banner: Tear through the streets and control the Chase to unlock 6 new banner stickers. Running cops on different levels of heat and helping other racers fend off the cops will earn you new banners to show off to your team.

DLC “Map Key”

Do you want to earn cash faster? Instantly unlock all 260 collectibles (100 bears, 80 art boards, 80 billboards) and 160 activity locations using the map key and reward them whenever you want to earn

Fury & Zen Apparel Pack

  • x1 topover (jacket)
  • x1 Top Under (T-shirt)
  • x1 bottom (sweatpants)
  • x1 headlight (cover)