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MINAS MORGUL - Homecoming |  Review in Stormbringer

MINAS MORGUL – Homecoming | Review in Stormbringer

Just a few weeks ago, there was a completely different idea of ​​how to write this review for MINAS MORGUL ”Homecoming“Heir of goodness”Fabulous(2017), but it appeared recently,Because of differences that made further cooperation impossibleTo a larger rogue group of individuals including founding members Berserk and Solly.By some members(Robse Dahn, Jen, and Janko Jentsch had to leave) they broke up and it was not the first time in the band’s long history that raised questions. Meanwhile, the way in which work created in a clearly broken constellation that has been done has to be valued. Publication postponed, among other things, because there was criticism of the mixing and mastery in several respects – afterHomecomingIn any case, none of this appears in the true sense of the word.

From a stylistic point of view, however, the title of the album is undoubtedly justified, because the ten songs including René Berthiaum’s orchestral introduction (EQUILIBRIUM) are remarkably based on the albums that reach and encompass.Do not“- with some strengths, but unfortunately also some weaknesses. For example, I can’t remember the original voice, which was later revised, it was so bad. But the end result sometimes causes me unimaginable pain, which I already said is because of it”Do not“You should give it up early. That might be fine.”Fabulous“It looked too smooth for some, but it turned on”Homecoming“You’re falling into old patterns of oversized, muddy, flat drums and pesky lead guitar, making enjoying something like fun nearly impossible.

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This is especially unfortunate because “Homecoming“It’s basically a good album with good songs and the background issues are barely noticeable. After the somewhat stylized title track in black pagan anthem style with phrases often like”we, re back!“With unforgettable epic melodies, thunderous rhythms and angry barking, it slowly rises and reaches”Fall of the worldIn the meantime until the climax before that.Totinchev“,”frost” And the “Your alertnessEasily abbreviated by comparison, but not a failure in spite of everything.

One “Homecoming“So finally to do the rating, I don’t have to consult myself for a very long time: Musically mostly powerful, unfortunately I have to accept discounts because of the voice that really shouldn’t be. If it’s at least for me, I mean it’s supposed to be Raw taste, but the review may not have been carried out due to one Hansel one like me, but because there is a lot of criticism.It has really improved, yes, but it shows that the current result is absolutely in this category, yes, one should not expect that Minas Morjul will develop a hand Happier to him in this life.