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CD Review: Ben Zucker – Now More!

Ben Zucker stars with his new album “Jetzt geht die sein!” It was not only available as a regular album, but also as a limited edition Sugar Bowl. SCHLAGERportal already listened to the album and rated it as: Well done!

In just 3 years, then-newcomer Ben Zucker was able to inspire fans with his music and he also won numerous awards such as gold or platinum. Sold concerts and the album at number one in the German charts proved the popularity of the singer with a raspy and powerful voice. As a regular guest on Florian Silbereisen’s TV shows, he always guarantees a good mood, but he’s currently taking a forced break – like all of his castmates. Ben Zucker took an involuntary break for it New album “Now so more” Used. He’s spent the last few months without gigs, as he let himself down, and his subsequent coping with that situation including treating past failed relationships and his current ideas in new music.

Every song speaks about Ben Zucker from the soul!

I Ben Zucker’s typical voice “Guten Morgen Welt” opens the playlist on the new album. Wake up, go out into the world and have the freedom to best describe the song’s content. “Are you the one” sounds deeper and calmer when it comes to finding the right partner for life. “This is not the end of the world” sings about the difficult times all of us have already experienced and gives hope that everything will be fine again. And why he’s no longer shedding tears for someone he’d been liked in the past, he explains Ben Zucker in the song “I do not cry for you”. Between Him and Me reflects on the meaning of life and his experiences of standing on stage in front of thousands of people and then returning to unity again. Many promises are made in “Such a Man,” but “Love Never Asks for It” is what the next song says. Forever’s greatest love – no matter how tall – it sings Ben Zucker in “Forever Again”. Musically speaking, “I would like to be whatever she needs” is slightly different from the rest of the songs and describes the longing to be the way the partner wants it. It’s good to wake up and sleep with his partner and again many promises of being what the partner desires, Ben sings about “I know what I want”. “Your lies are addictive” are lies and a deceitful game for your partner. The song list is lined with “Auf uns”, which is again a very thoughtful and calm number that sing about a relaxed encounter with a good friend.

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Ben Zucker: Track List – Private Now

  1. Good morning, world
  2. Are you a human?
  3. This is not the end of the world
  4. I do not cry for you
  5. I am between
  6. As a man
  7. Love does not ask for it
  8. Forever again
  9. I would like to be whatever you need
  10. I know what I want
  11. Your lies are an addiction
  12. We

Ben Zucker: Especially now – conclusion

All in all, the lyrics to the new album “Especially Getzt!” Written very carefully, you can get a feel for how much Ben Zucker aspires to a regular partnership and just how much he has struggled with inactive relationships in the past. Music in general is usually Ben Zucker againWith his rough, dominant voice, he will delight his fans with this album, too.

Author: SCHLAGERportal.com
Photo: Electrola / Ben Wolf