July 25, 2024


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Cline Cleaver – Kids Toy – Review and Test

Cline Cleaver – Kids Toy – Review and Test

Breaking news – New York, Queens: Mysterious circumstances mean that the six famous canine districts of this town have to be redistributed. Even young barkers now have a chance to get a stake. Who barks the loudest and can persuade “baby squirrel advice”? The fight begins!

The Design: There are 72 cards with dogs in front – from the shy Chihuahua to the charming Pomeranian to the French Bulldog. The cards are not very stable, but that does not matter, as the age group for which the game is designed can handle these cards very well. The cards impress with their well-designed graphics.

Play the game Cline Clever

Klein Clever is a children’s game written by Felix Bernat Julian (Beatnik). The two to four player card game is about getting the fewest bad points at the end by collecting the majority of votes in the dog board on one side and the least number of bad points on the other hand. In order to understand the setup, process and evaluation, the age limit of 10 years is very realistic, as this takes time. However, once you understand what the game is all about, the game becomes a fun and sometimes raucous gathering of “little barkers”.

The role occurs as follows:
1. Abandoning lands
2. Put the card in “Council of Little Yappers”
3. Take the card
4. Draw the card
5. Replace the canine board

Kids definitely need guidance from an adult at first, but once they understand what to do they can play the game on their own. I also had to work my way through the instructions at first and only understood some of the moves during my first test game. After Pencey dropped, I found the game really exciting.

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Conclusion: Is Cline Cleaver Worth It?

Anyone looking for a fun and also exciting game for older children and adults is recommended to go to Kleine Kläffer. The game can be recommended especially for fans of strategic thinking who want to spend a little more time (30 minutes – 1 round) on the game.