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The playlist for her album “Perlentaucherin” contains songs by UDO JÜRGENS and REINHARD MEY

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Andrea Berg: The vinyl version of her album “Best Of” leads to the best note on the album chart

Such as Andrea Berg She first entered the German album lists on October 22, 2001, nearly 20 years ago, and no one expected that she would write chart history with her. To date, the album has run for 349 weeks (plus one week). Meanwhile, it held the absolute record of all albums in Germany until it was surpassed by Helen Fischer and currently SIMONE SOMMERLAND, KARSTEN GLÜCK and KITA-FRÖSCHE hold the absolute record. By the way, soon we will be publishing a detailed interview with SIMONE.

The top ten for the first time

Curious: ANDREA BERG’s Best Album is a long-running hit, but it never reached the top of the charts. Until now, the so-called “Peak” was in 18th place – which changed today, and now “Best Of” has reached 13th for the first time – definitely due to the impressive new vinyl release with a high quality transparent look. To achieve “the climax” after nearly 20 years of entering the charts – and it doesn’t happen every day – we congratulate you!

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