September 26, 2023


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Microsoft launches Windows 11 event on June 24

Microsoft launches Windows 11 event on June 24

Thumbnail of Microsoft's Slow-Fi background.

Thumbnail of Microsoft’s Slow-Fi background.
Fabric capture: Web light

While we wait To learn more about the next big update for Windows, Microsoft teased Next launch event a Mix Different initial sounds. The songs were all for Windows 95, Windows XP and Windows 7 Decreased And is linked to an 11-minute slow-fi experience. Sometimes it’s a little shocking to hear – depending on how friendly you are with the high notes – but the terrain in the video is mostly made up of mountains and skies, which Microsoft previously used as the inspiration for the default wallpaper for every operating system.

The role of startup sounds on YouTube is undoubtedly a tribute to the many years we spent with Windows. It’s also a teaser for what’s to come Microsoft event June 24, 11 a.m. to ET / 8am PT.

Interestingly, the boot sounds related to Microsoft Windows versions seem to have had some very important UI fixes. With rumors that there will be the next expected version of Windows Sun Fence The review looks like what Microsoft is looking for here.

The code name for aesthetic changes in Windows is Sun Valley, but it is unclear whether the introduction will come primarily with the introduction of Windows 11. Windows 10 users will get some updates and you can already see some changes in the Windows 10 Insider Preview Built 21343.

Last month, Microsoft announced plans to stop growing Windows 10X, Double screen fFriendly operating system announced again Fall 2019. One step Windows InsiderOne reason is that Windows 10X does not meet user requests, so Microsoft focused on creating the Sun Valley display update.

From what we have seen so far, everything gets a new look From the rounded corners in the main graphical user interface to the small components that make up the system: Microsoft Store, A Settings Panel, And even System Icons. Since Word also has a new default font, the changes apply to other aspects of the Microsoft ecosystem In preparation. No visual changes. There will be new features like support in the next Windows update Extended Audio Codec (AAC)This made some headphones and headphones unusable in Windows 10 for many years.

It is unknown whether Microsoft will release a full version, such as Windows 11, or name this update. Something as simple and chic as “The Sun” Valley update. “Anyway, we will Find out later this month if we have a great Windows product Or design-based update.

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