May 25, 2024


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780 GB of stolen data, including FIFA 21 source code

780 GB of stolen data, including FIFA 21 source code

The motherboard site revealed that hackers were able to infiltrate Electronic Arts’ servers. Thus they stole millions of data, including the source code of the FIFA 21 game, but the Frostbite engine before releasing everything in the forums.

After talking about the impressive trailer Battlefield 2042 In its multiplayer mode with 128 participants, Electronic Arts is good at remaking headlines after 24 hours.

It has been revealed that the American publisher has been the victim of widespread looting Motherboard Broadcast by the site Wise. In total, less than 780 GB of data was stolen from servers, including multiple source codes for games and internal devices.

That’s by exploring hacker forums Motherboard Made his invention. “You can run all EA services,” the hackers wrote in various posts on the Dark Web. They are proud to have the source code for FIFA 21 and its matchmaking server, as well as the Frostbite engine tools. Battlefield.

Players’ personal data is stored

So hackers are using privacy structures and e.g. Wealth of data including STKs are promoted in forums among locals. Without sharing any real internal data to support their information sales proposal, they shared some screen shots to illustrate their point.

Here # Battlefield

– #BattlefieldEAFR June 9, 2021

The incident and data theft were reported by E.A. Has confirmed. “We are investigating a recent intrusion into our network where a certain amount of game source code and related tools were stolenA spokesman for the US company explained. Nevertheless, he wanted to make it clear that the players’ personal data was not affected by hacking. “We have no reason to believe that player privacy is at risk. ”, Underscores the EA that has already made improvements in security and indicates that games such as its functionality should not be compromised.

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