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China leaves its mark on Mars

Released on Friday, June 11, 2021 at 11:23 AM.

In front of a red flag with five stars, there are traces of eternity. Photos sent by Chinese robot Jurong from Mars proudly filled the world’s most populous country space agency on Friday.

Its solar panels were positioned like wings and its two cameras were pointed at the end of a long neck, while the avian-like robot used a detachable camera to separate itself near its landing platform.

This “selfie” was the pride of the Chinese space agency, where the landing site hoisted the national flag in a red atmosphere above Mars soil.

The company organized a ceremony to release these pictures.

The robot, which arrived at the site in mid-May after traveling nearly a year from Earth, also filmed the tracks of its six wheels in the soil of the red planet. It was about “China’s footprint” on Mars, welcoming the space agency.

Weighing in at 240kg, “Jurang”, the god of fire in Chinese mythology, conducted soil and atmospheric analyzes and mapped the red planet during his three-month journey.

Sending this robot to Mars is the first of its kind in Asia, the second largest in the world after the United States.

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