June 13, 2024


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M1-iMac with Touch ID: New parts announced

M1-iMac with Touch ID: New parts announced

Apple drops the cat out of the bag. The The new iMac has a 24-inch display, seven color options and of course the new M1 chip. However, another highlight is about the jewelry. Apple has modified all input devices, all of which are compatible with the new iMac color. However, the new Magic keyboard has a special place.

Magic Keyboard: Three new variants have been announced

Although Apple has announced minimal color updates for the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse, the Magic keyboard has been offered more than just a new coat of paint. For the first time, you can choose between three models when ordering a new iMac.

Variation 1 is the embracing version Previous Magic Keyboard, Apple iMac offers matching color. What’s new, though, is the replacement of the eject button, which now ensures your Mac is asleep. Diagonally from it. So at the bottom left you will see the emoji key that quickly displays the emoji key.

The second model is similar to variant 1 at first glance, but it is not. Instead of the key of sleep mode, there is a touch ID sensor as you already know from the MacBook Pro. The new button allows you to sign in, automatically fill in passwords and Apple Pay payments. According to Apple, rapid user change should also be possible.

In the third version, Apple integrates all the functions of the two models and adds a number pad on the keyboard. It offers many more buttons that will make your job easier.

However, it is not clear whether the new devices will be fully compatible with other Macs, so, for example, Touch ID 2020 may be used. So far, Apple has not released whether the parts will be available separately.

Apple Magic Keyboard with Number Keyboard – German – Space Gray