July 21, 2024


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Director and Overwatch Ambassador Jeff Kabilan Announces Blizzard

Director and Overwatch Ambassador Jeff Kabilan Announces Blizzard

If Jeff Kaplan had known to the public his role as an excellent mediator between the blizzard and the communityOverwatch, His history within the company would have lasted 19 years. Integrating the team first Warcraft III, Then he works World of Warcraft In which he will be the director for a short time before being part of the team on which he will be the director Titan, MMO to win World of Warcraft. After years of wandering, a project stalled in 2013, and its crew finally got the green light to land on a multiplayer FBS, in which classes were replaced by heroes, thus giving birth to platformsOverwatch.

Jeff Kabilan has been replaced by Aaron Keller (counter), co-director of Blizzard since 2003 World of Warcraft Before joining the maternity team Overwatch. “Aaron has been a key member of the Overwatch team. He was involved in its formation as an original member of the team, and with his 18 years in the blizzard, he worked with Jeff for a long time, not only creating the overwatch, but also helping to build the Wow.“, We can read Communication From the blizzard.

In it, Jeff Kaplan splits a few lines without leaving any trace of his future plans or the reasons for his departure, which comes at a somewhat insignificant moment in the middle of development.Overwatch 2. “Having the opportunity to create worlds and heroes for such an emotional audience is truly the honor of a lifetime. My deepest thanks to everyone at Blizzard who supported our games, teams and players. But I would especially like to thank the wonderful game developers who shared with me this creative journey. Never accept what the world looks like. Dare to see him as always as he can be. I hope you will do the same“, Did he announce?

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For his part, Aaron Keller expresses his respect when he succeeds as his mentor and friend, while at the same time pointing to growthOverwatch 2 Advances at good speed. Following the latest BlissConline information, new announcements will be made later this year, and information about the game will start coming in more often, however it should be kept in mind that publishing it will not happen in 2021.