September 24, 2021


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Loco Looper, a game with 3D settings and without glasses

No 3D glasses or 3D screen needed to appreciate the Loco Looper volume effects! This game, which is still in development, is a train simulator that mischievously exploits the iPhone’s gyroscope: movements “animate” the scene, giving that stunning 3D impression.

James Vanas, the developer, explains that he tested tracking Head movements that could be achieved with a TrueDepth camera, but it didn’t work any better. It is by no means sufficient to justify the use of the necessary resources and to request permission to use the camera. The Loco Looper must be finished by the Christmas holidays.

This effect reminds us of what the now defunct Amazon Fire Phone, which was built around an expensive camera system (5 on the front!) could give an illusion of 3D (there was also, of course, the Nintendo 3DS with its own screen). This isn’t the first time a developer has harnessed the capabilities of the iPhone to create this parallax effect (here for an example), but Loco Looper seems to be making the most of it.

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