September 24, 2021


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Cruzeiro directs an agreement to send matches to the public at Arena do Jacare | Sea trip

Cruzeiro sent out an agreement to host at least two matches of Série B at Arena do Jacaré, in Sete Lagoas, with the public. The matches will be against Ponte Preeta (07/09, for round 23) and Oprario (still undated, for round 24).

Minas Gerais club, which is still Live with a discussion in STJD about sending games with the public, has already sent the company that takes care of the lawns of its training centers to assess the state of the Arena and start work, starting next Sunday.

Arena do Jacaré – Photo: Propaganda/Democrat of Sete Lagoas

Until Saturday, Arena do Jacaré will host base matches (Cruzeiro was playing there) and also Democrata SL’s last match, at Sete Lagoas, for the second unit of the Minas Gerais Championship.

After that, there will be a 10-day sponsorship at the Arena do Jaccari until the September 7 match against Ponte Preta. At the moment, the stadium is open to accommodate 13,500 people, with a sector under construction. The Democrat was working for an audience of 600 people, according to the protocols of the Football Association of Minas Gerais fans.

The idea is for Cruzeiro to run at 30% of its capacity. That’s 4,000 people in the Brazilian second division matches.

To make the deal official, Cruzeiro is waiting for the municipality of Sete Lagoas to move to Onda Verde, under the state government’s Minas Consciente programme. This change should take place this week, which will make it possible to have 30% of the capacity.

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