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Latest iOS/iPadOS17, watchOS10, macOS, etc. Betas Released – iPhone Wired

Latest iOS/iPadOS17, watchOS10, macOS, etc. Betas Released – iPhone Wired

August 23, 2023 at 08:21


Apple announced on August 22, 2023 local time,Developer Beta 7 for iOS17, iPadOS17, watchOS10, tvOS17, HomePod v17And the,macOS Sonoma sixth beta for developers, and fifth public beta for registered userswas released.

also,macOS Ventura 13.6 beta and macOS Monterey 12.7 betaHe was also released.

■ The point of this article can be understood in 3 lines
1. iOS17, iPadOS17, watchOS10, tvOS17, HomePod 17 beta 7 has been released to developers and public beta 5 to registered users.
2. Among the changes in iOS17 developer beta 7, traces of the action buttons that were installed on the iPhone15 Pro series were found.
3. macOS Ventura 13.6 and Monterey 12.7 also released betas.

Changes in beta 7 for iOS17 developers

On August 15, 2023 local time, Apple released iOS17, iPadOS17, watchOS10, tvOS17, HomePod 17 beta 6 to developers, and public beta 4 to registered users.

In iOS17 developer beta 7, Apple has changed the following points.


The position of the end call button, which has reverted to the bottom center as before in iOS17 developer beta 6, remains the same. It is expected that this position will be maintained even in the official version.

Haptic feedback in silent mode

In beta 6 for iOS17 developers, there was a bug that haptic feedback didn’t work in silent mode, but it’s fixed in beta 7.

Haptic feedback also vibrates longer. Haptic feedback now works even when silent mode is disabled.

9to5Mac expects this to be an improvement based on the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro series will have an action button.

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“Mental Health” in the “Health Care” app.

In the Health app, the animation used to record Mental Health changed the speed at which the ring moved.

The trial version number for each operating system

iOS17, iPadOS17, watchOS10, tvOS17, v17 HomePod beta 7and macOS Sonoma developer beta number 6They are as follows:

  • iOS17 developer beta 7: 21A5319a
  • iPadOS17 Developer Beta 7: 21A5319a
  • watchOS10 developer beta 7: 21R5349b
  • tvOS17 Developer Beta 7: 21J5347a
  • HomePod 17 Developer Beta 7 Software Release: 21J5347a
  • macOS Sonoma Developer Beta 7: 23A5328b

Many of the betas released this time have an “a” at the end of the version number. Cult of Mac said that if the version number ends in “a,” it is a release candidate, leading to the release of the official version.

macOS Ventura 13.6 and Monterey 12.7 betas have also been released

Apple also released macOS Ventura 13.6 beta (Build number: 22G109) and macOS Monterey 12.7 beta (Build number: 21G808).

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picture:apple,Aaron Zollow (@zollotech)/X