September 21, 2023


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Automatic code entry AI "GitHub Copilot" indicated that "a service that sells developer code without permission" - GIGAZINE

Automatic code entry AI “GitHub Copilot” indicated that “a service that sells developer code without permission” – GIGAZINE

GitHub, a software development platform, is partnering with the artificial intelligence development organization OpenAI to write persistence code.copilot githubIt is being developed. As of June 21, 2021, all GitHub users will use GitHub Copilotpossible useHowever, it has been pointed out that this GitHub Copilot “infringes the copyright of the source code from which it was learned”.

The GitHub co-pilot is incredible. It only sells code written by other people, but since it’s “artificial intelligence” it’s clearly allowed to wash that code without it being “derivative work”. lol. I burst out laughing. What an amazing rival.

– Senior Engineer oops (ReinH)

GitHub Copilot is an auto-complete AI program that supports dozens of programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go, and anticipates persistence of user-written code and automatically inputs it. GitHub Copilot is not a full human alternative as it may write different versions of code or code that deviates from best practices, but it is useful for experienced programmers to support the coding.Rated highit has been.

However, it was found by communicating with GitHub support staff that the code uploaded to GitHub was used to learn GitHub Copilot regardless of license type. For this reason, it has been argued that commercial use of GitHub Copilot may be a copyright issue.

Is programming an AI “Copilot” learned from GitHub source code a copyright infringement? – Gigazen

After GitHub Copilot is open to all users, be a new software engineerTweet embedIt asks for credits when redistributing the code.MIT LicenseGitHub Copilot says “code written by others” by giving an example that the licensed code is like “used to learn GitHub Copilot” and that learning source code is displayed as in GitHub Copilot. He is accused of “service” that sells without permission.

I remember that

1. MIT license, which is the most popular license on github, requires attribution
2. It has been proven that the co-pilot copies large portions of his sources verbatim

– Senior Engineer oops (ReinH)

In addition, ReinH points out that Microsoft, which owns GitHub, has several lawyers, arguing that complaining about GitHub Copilot problems is too costly for developers.

GitHub could probably get away with this – they have plenty of lawyers on power – but legal isn’t the same as ethical

– Senior Engineer oops (ReinH)

Several developers agree with @ReinH’s feedback, asking news-sharing site Hacker News to provide an option to exclude their code from learning on GitHub Copilot.OpinionOn the other hand, there is also an opinion that “many developers will close their eyes for convenience even if there is a copyright issue.”exista job.

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