May 27, 2024


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Kraiburg TPE: Non-slip crockery for toddlers


With a self-adhesive mat made of TPE, Babynator ensures that learning to eat never becomes a stress test.  (Photo: Babinator)

With a self-adhesive mat made of TPE, Babynator ensures that learning to eat never becomes a stress test. (Photo: Babinator)

Babynator Eating Kit for babies and toddlers makes eating cleaner. With a non-slip system consisting of a self-adhesive TPE mat from Kraiburg TPE brand Thermolast K, replaceable accessories such as bowls and bowls are securely held in place.

Babies and young children are tough times, not just for parents. Items used daily are also subjected to an endurance test every day. This is where the solution comes in from the start from Styria, Austria. The adhesive plate technology was originally developed for pets. In the next step, the product is further developed, taking into account all the necessary regulations for children and food contact materials – Babynator is born. The highlight of the product: The mat made of TPE ensures that it sticks to many tables and high chairs. They are available in a set as well as separate bowl and saucer in different colours.

The heart of the project lies in the adhesion of the soft compound to the various substrates. To ensure safe use in many homes, as many high table and chair surfaces as possible should be covered. However, this is only possible if it is possible to exclude crimping of the material. Therefore the material is easy to process and allows for high dimensional stability. Another advantage of the product solution is that bright colors as well as effect colors can be used. The bayonet lock is used for quick and easy installation and is directly integrated into the mat using the 2K injection molding process. Dishes and bowls made of polypropylene can be quickly and easily fixed with a lock: in this way, the dishes always remain securely in place.

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Each individual part of the product is approved for contact with food and meets the necessary requirements (BPA Free, Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, US FDA CFR 21 (Raw Material Conformance) and EN71-3)

Other advantages: The compound used also has a non-stick surface and is therefore less sensitive to contamination than similar solutions. In addition, due to its special composition, the material does not leave greasy, greasy spots or edging on various materials. Thus, untreated wood surfaces in particular are protected.

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