November 26, 2022


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Microsoft warns of a security vulnerability in Windows and recommends installing a patch

Hackers can try to take advantage of a bug in the operating system of Windows computers.

Microsoft has warned that hackers may try to take advantage of a bug in the operating system of Windows computers and recommended installing a patch called “PrintNightmare”.

If they succeed, the tech giant said in a post on its site Tuesday evening, the hackers could take control of the computer. “A hacker who successfully takes advantage of the flaw can execute arbitrary code thanks to privileged access to the system.”Microsoft indicated. can Then install the software; view, modify or delete data; Or create new accounts with all user rights »group added.

Install this hotfix right away العاجل

The group invites Windows users to install this hotfix immediately, as all versions of the operating system are at risk but not all of them have the correct security update yet. The flaw in question, related to the printer software, has already been used by hackers, according to several computer security experts.

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