October 24, 2021


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Tim Cook: Technology shouldn’t harm mental health

During a trip to New York, Tim Cook discussed mental health with the site hustle. The conversation revolved around the app shine, one of the 2020 App Store winners, which offers daily meditation workshops to better manage stress. Tim Cook also spoke a few days ago with two of the app’s founders.

« I think mental health is in crisis ‘, explains Tim Cook, before also confirming that he has suffered from the pandemic. admits that he does not have S on the chest and no robe on the back And that you can’t be privileged enough that mental health is no longer a problem.

I always talk about what allows me to escape the stress of the day. And for me, meditation is a walk. It’s about being in nature and feeling insignificant in the world, and a lot of problems tend to seem a little smaller. And I’m talking about [ma santé mentale] free. I think it is important.

Then the conversation turns to the effects of technology on mental health, which is an important topic given what has been revealed recently Facebook social networking site. Tim Cook takes the opportunity to recall that his company created Screen Time to help people get their noses off their smartphones. He also asserts that he himself has changed certain habits since posting this post. According to him, we should avoid falling into “infinite scrolling”, with the help of apps like Shine: technology should be used to do positive things and not to lock yourself in negativity. we wonder Who can think…

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Finally, he concluded by welcoming the wonderful characters of the App Store, which no one expected when the iPhone was launched in 2007. The App Store hosts 1.8 million apps, which makes 2 million people work in the United States. Apple strives to give them the tools to simplify their lives and make room for their creativity.” So that anyone with a great idea can create a global business ».