February 1, 2023


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Khayal – Songs From Our Lives

The 11th studio album with the hits of the great duo Fantasy is now released more than twenty years after the first album and offers so many surprises, SCHLAGERportal has listened and also discovered new sides of Freddy and Martin.

Fantasy now brings 14 songs from their lives on their new album “Lieder meines Lebens” and let them look deeply into their musical roots. All songs have one thing in common, they influenced or at least accompanied the music career of the two stars. With over 2 million records sold, it’s amazing fantasy duo Even after more than 20 years on stage, he still has his fans and has remained true to his unmistakable style. Freddy and Martin personally selected songs, 11 titles are covers of important songs from their artistic lives, it’s like a trip to the past in the famous fairy tale sound.

There are also three world hits in “Songs of Our Lives” by Fantasy!

nothing less than Dieter Bohlen He is the author and composer of the #1 song on the album “Wovon traumst du denn”? No wonder this song made it onto the album, because they are both fans of Modern Talking and thus Dieter Bohlen. By the way, the song was Freddy’s entry into German-language music at the time, a great song to sing and dance to. With the song Der Adler, the fun continues instantly on the dance floor, a great song originally made famous by artist Ibo, who sadly passed away very young. Fantasy did an excellent job of bringing this song into the here and now and bringing it to life. Thanks to the third track on the album, the Fantasy duo exists today, because it was the song that the two of them sang together as an appearance at a Carnival event, even though they were both solo artists at the time. They noticed how compatible their voices were. Hannes Schöner sang “Now Adieu” in 1982, but this song made history for Fantasia. With the song “One Way Wind” Martin and Freddie created a great German-language cover for this beautiful song, maybe too much bass, not quite like the original melody, but great otherwise. And yes, of course, this song should not be missing either from their album – “Hotel California”, a worldwide hit. Here even the biggest critics realize just how well Freddy and Martin can sing – romantic factor and a great guitar solo at the top. “Deine Liebe ist ein Wunder” is perhaps one of the most personal songs of singers, who have rearranged their own lives over the course of their lives. The song is also a cover version and in our opinion a better performance than the original. Freddy is a talented songwriter And once he wrote “Stern in the Night” for Martin on request, so it’s also one of those songs that belong on the album “LiederUnsere Lebens” (Songs of Our Lives). Michael Holm celebrated great success with the song “Tränen liegen nicht”, and Fantasy will continue the success of the song with its version, and Fantasy has succeeded in turning an old song to 2022. With the song “Mississippi”, which has hit the world since 1976 in the English original of Pussycat, Fantasy succeeded In updating the old song with a fantastical voice. Fans will love this song and sing it loudly at the live concerts, we are convinced of that.

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Because of their similar life stories as children, Freddy and Martin feel a little sad when they hear the song “What Color is the World?” Drafi Deutscher’s hit also makes the listener think, a simple text that has it all. “Go with it” makes you think, too. A beautiful song written and composed by Freddy himself and first released 20 years ago, but the 2022 release has been completely reworked into a quiet, slow, romantic number – well done! With “B+B Hitmix” the party atmosphere is back again when you listen and you think about it, B+B stands for Brunner and Brunner. The Styria brothers’ greatest hits, who celebrated big in the ’90s, are now getting a revival with Fantasy, There’s No Empty Ballroom – Party Atmosphere included. Freddy also wrote and composed “In Your Room Still Burning”, a beautiful song to remember and dance to. At the end of the new fantasy album “Songs of our Life,” there’s a “wonderful ’80s fusion,” a musical nod to the era of pop music they grew up in—nearly 6 minutes of hit fireworks to celebrate.

Fantasy: Songs From Our Lives – Fantasy

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The new album is an absolute must for all fantasy lovers, but also for music listeners who like to enjoy good music. Of course everything was produced in the typical fantasy sound of great pioneer Felix Goder, and there are some musical surprises and highlights such as German versions of the world songs “One Way Wind”, “Hotel California” or “Mississippi”. The album also belongs in the playlists of all DJs, because the songs will fill the dance floor and be a part of every party in the future, in short: great production, great vocals, and a really great performance!

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Author: SCHLAGERportal.com
Photo: Sony Music / Sandra Ludewig