July 21, 2024


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[Kaufberatung] – Gaming PC – White –

Welcome everyone,:wink:

It’s been a long time since the last PC version.
But I started buying new PC parts last week and I’m looking forward to the new “project”.
I’ve already photographed some parts and am now trying to complete the design.
However, I’m not sure if the parts will fit. And maybe there are some other recommendations around it! (regarding performance and optics)
The goal is to create a stylish “ALL WHITE RGB Gaming PC”.
So far I have the following parts:

a screen:
LG 45 inch UltraGear

NZXT H9 Elite
Samsung 990 Pro – 1 TB

Previous wish list:
CPU: AMD-7800X3D
MB: NZXT N7 B650e
RAM: Kingston Fury Beast 32GB – changed to: XPG Lancer RGB
PU: ASUS ROG Loki SFX-L 850W – changed to: BeQuiet Dark Power 13850 watts
AIO: NZXT Kraken 360 RGB
2 SSD: Samsung 990 Pro – 2 TB – changed to Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB

Free survey attached in case I forgot something :)

1. Do you want to play on PC? If the answer is yes, then what?
Yes – everything across the bed (currently D4, LoL and Warzone)

2. Do you want to use the computer to edit photos/music/videos or something similar? As a hobby or are you a professional? What software will you use?

3. Do you have special requirements or wishes (specific brands and manufacturers, overclocking, a particularly quiet PC, RGB lighting, …)?
Quiet would be nice

4. How many and how many screens do you want to use? Model, resolution, refresh rate (hertz)? Gsync / FreeSync? How many FPS do you want to see?
1 screen – 45-inch LG UltraGear
240 hertz
G sync
240fps would be great

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5. Do you still have an old computer, parts of which can be reused?
(please with links or exact model name)
No, I will sell it

6. How much money do you want to spend?
More or less irrelevant

7. When should I buy a PC?
In the next few days/weeks in “The Deal”

8. Do you want to assemble the computer yourself or have it assembled (by the shop or by helpers (list as sticky))?
I do it myself

9. Would you like to stream your content using your PC (eg via Twitch/OBS)? If so, what games/content? Do you already have the parts to set up the stream? (multiple screens, microphone, camera, broadcast device, …)?
Not real

Now I say thank you very much
I look forward to your comments and recommendations
: coffee2: