May 20, 2024


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But earlier than planned?  Microsoft lawyer leaks…

But earlier than planned? Microsoft lawyer leaks…

During a recent Federal Trade Commission hearing, a Microsoft attorney inadvertently bragged about when The Elder Scrolls 6 will be released and when we can expect it.

Will The Elder Scrolls 6 be out in a few years? | © Microsoft

The gaming community is currently preparing for the release of Starfield. Because in a few weeks, the time has finally come and we can conquer space, explore planets, and enjoy the story that Bethesda has woven for us. It remains to be seen if the current hype lives up to the game.

But Bethesda has another, more desirable RPG epic in development alongside Starfield. Of course it has to do with The Elder Scrolls 6, which was officially announced in 2018. Not many can imagine an early release, but with a slip of the tongue by Microsoft lawyers, the release may be closer to our doorstep than expected.

The Elder Scrolls 6: Microsoft attorney accidentally reveals release period

During the recent hearing between the FTC and Microsoft, news of the company and its upcoming projects were once again revealed. It’s no secret that these days of negotiations are a pure gold mine for the hottest video game news. Because the past shows that those responsible for these matters are particularly talkative and careless in these important days.

In addition to the fact that Microsoft was interested in buying IO Interactive, Sega, Bungie or Larian Studios, among others, were also on the list of potential purchases. Now, during the hearing, Microsoft’s attorney was tempted to do so and may have revealed The Elder Scrolls 6’s release period.

When The Elder Scrolls was mentioned during Call of Duty franchise settlement negotiations, a Microsoft attorney interrupted the implementation and revealed some interesting details:

I would like to correct one fact at this point! Because when I asked some questions about Zenimax and wanted to make a comparison, The Elder Scrolls was mentioned by name. However, this is a false claim. There are currently two titles from The Elder Scrolls. First, there is the online game The Elder Scrolls Online, which is a multiplayer game and also available on PlayStation. On the one hand, The Elder Scrolls 16, which is currently still in development and planned for 2026. The project is a single-player title and can in no way be compared to Call of Duty because it is a multiplayer game for multiple platforms.

You read that right and The Elder Scrolls 16 is not a sloppy bug! Because according to “The Verge,” Microsoft’s lawyer actually said TES 16. It’s of course a reference to the sixth installment of the franchise, which was announced back in 2018. But is The Elder Scrolls 6 really planned for a 2026 release? Of course, the information makes us dream, but it seems too perfect to really be true.

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On the other hand, Bethesda is currently fully focused on developing Starfield, which means work on TES6 may not have really started yet. Secondly, Xbox president Phil Spencer mentioned during a hearing that The Elder Scrolls 6 is at least five or more years in the future. So, this seems like a classic slip of the tongue.

Perhaps Bethesda and Microsoft have their ambitions high enough that they don’t want to launch their next RPG epic in the distant future? So it remains exciting to see what leaks and other news we can take away from the negotiating days.

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